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John asks…

Poker Formula? does anybody Know a Simple Equation?

Im going on holiday soon, and ive learnt how to play poker. And i have learnt that poker doesn’t entirely rely on luck. And that there is a simple formula which can work out pot odds and outs. To win. If you know one please can you give it me. and can you leave the equation in its simplest form. Thx

admin answers:

There is no simple formula, you can work out the pot odds by working out how much you will win if you call and you win the hand, but that doesn’t mean to say that you will know when the bet has strayed into a value bet because you never actually know what the other players have, I am not a poker player so I don’t know if I have the terminology correct but I do know that there is no simple formula to tell you when to bet or not to bet, unless of course you know how often your opponent is bluffing (or whether your opponent is bluffing on a particular play), and for that you are going to need skills that take years to develop (or some software).

Sharon asks…

How can I play better poker online?

Just wondering what are some ways of getting better, and if your a winning player how did you start out and what did you do to get better… and what are some important techniques (pot odd calculations, EV calculations, bluffing techniques ect.)

admin answers:

Use great videos and blogs

Sandy asks…

I keep losing at online poker?

What am I doing wrong? I just restarted playing online poker and have made it to the top 10% of players but am short stacked and running out of time. I play suited face cards A and anything pocket pairs but my problem isnt in the odds if anyone knows what I mean. I dont know what it is

admin answers:

Let’s start with your hand selection. Ace anything is a bad idea and you need a good kicker. If you take that into play chances are you’ll lose too often against better kickers if you hit your ace. Plus you’re only drawing to one card if your kicker is bad and a low pair won’t help you.

In terms of suited face cards you don’t just want to play suits here although this is better. You also want to play high and often medium pocket pairs but the lower the pair the more people you need in the hand to make it work.

None of this gives us any indication of how you play your cards and people tend to overplay them and this may and probably is an opportunity area for you.

Getting to the top 10% indicates you have a fairly good idea what you’re doing and are close and just have to work harder on getting better. There’s a lot of things you could probably improve and once again it’s impossible to say based upon what you’ve told us. Try posting some hands and that will give us a better idea.

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Ken asks…

Online Poker, Does the site try to distribute the winnings evenly?

Hello I have a question about some online poker sites. Full Tilt in particular.
Does the site track how many times you have won or lost? I’m asking because I’m curious on whether they try to get everyone to win sometimes so they will not lose money in rake and so everyone will continue playing?

Maybe I am just over reacting but I have noticed after I won a good amount of heads up games I start losing a good amount lol even when the odds are on my side. Often after I’m on a streak, it seems like the opponent catches there few outs
Simply my question is do you think that the sites try to help the players that are on tilt to make sure they don’t leave?

admin answers:

No. The deals, etc are random. The difference is that you play so many more hands than you could live in a given time frame, and that the quality of person who will go online and play for money as opposed to those who will make the effort to go to a casino and play is much less. So you are playing against inferior opponents who will make poor decisions and suck out more often than in live games.

The real money any poker site makes is off of the rakes in the high stakes games. If the games were rigged like you think, the high stakes players would play somewhere else, and the site would lose it’s major source of income.

Lizzie asks…

Hold em‘ pro help please…outs and %?

Hi everyone I have been playing poker for a little over a year now and I am not too bad of a player. very conservative, know how to trap, good at hiding my tells but I was watching World series ’05 last night and Mike „the mouth“ was considering calling an all in with K8off…he said out loud he was 2:1 on his money and had good enough pot odds and decided to call…..he did win….I want to be able to asses all my odds, outs, and % in a heartbeat…where can I start learning this?(online)

admin answers:

Here is a link explaining the poker hand odds or „outs“

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