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Lisa asks…

How much does it cost to CHARGE a Nintendo DS Battery?

Odd question I know. How much approximately does it cost to charge the battery meaning how much is it drawing in Electric costs?

Again I know. Odd question. I can’t find it online anywhere.

admin answers:

A usage calculator supplied by my local utility provider suggests it costs around $0.02 to fully charge a DS Lite assuming a power usage of 50 watts (indicated on the back) and the recommended charge time of 4 hours. So 2 cents times the number of times you find yourself charging your DS in a given month give or take.

Mary asks…

What are the main things a president needs to know?

I need to know what does the president needs to know.This is an odd question I know but i need to know what a president can raise and decrease like what percent of the army we should have,the police,health care,stuff like that.

admin answers:

Please forward him this, and a calculator, because we have no money left now;

Corruption and illegal’s destroy Luzerne County Pa.
Here in Luzerne County we have a large population of disabled veterans & elderly which depend on the pitiful yearly COLA increase. The property tax reassessment county wide during this recession recently raised mortgages & rent at least $100 a month. Pa. Lost the price cap on electricity, minimum $35 dollars a month increase only if you do not have any electric heat. Sewer & water both another hefty increase following the 2009 increase of $80 dollars, soon another minimum of $40 dollars a month. Millions have been stolen here, a few hundred thousand here, five hundred thousand there, embezzlement, and missing sewer authority funds. The only ones doing fine here are the Clans of high school drop out illegal border jumpers, nine to 12 adults in one house all still working 16 hours a day. It is costing me a $137 more a month just from the tax reassessment to view the Clan living in the rental property next door. Even though the FBI busted our Court house all the low income older homeowners must pay again, and pay so much more just to keep their family home. Many of us have nothing left but our blood, and those of us who use VA healthcare can not even sell our blood because no one in their right mind would want to buy it. As a house bound Catholic disabled veteran with a Clan of illegal border jumper’s right next door I ask why just a few million Veterans are made to live in H E LL while our government helps 23 million illegal border jumper swine.

P S – Don’t think for one minute that just because we have a black dude as our new president that it is illegal or racist too deport them all. And do not tell me it is a hate crime to hate watching so much of our Country, and the old neighborhoods we still reside and pay taxes in be destroyed!

Steven asks…

So how do I REALLY find my bra size? All the online calculators give me different numbers!?

Sorry if this is a stupid question. The calculators I’ve found online are giving me all kinds of wildly different numbers. My measurements are 30″ below the bust and 36″ around the fullest part. Can somebody please help me figure out what size I should be wearing?

admin answers:

According to your measurements, you should be either a 30DDD or a 32DD (these are sister sizes).

**Do not go to a store and get measured by a sales associate. They’ll measure you for a size that they carry so you’ll purchase something. Also, they usually use the traditional method of adding 5 inches to the band size which skews the cup size and creates a band size that’s too big. This method is outdated and doesn’t give an accurate sizing.**

First of all, get a fabric tape measure. Measure directly under the bust for the band measurement. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor and hold it snug. Add no more than 1-3 inches if the band measurement is odd and 0-2 inches if the measurement is even (if you’re smaller than 28 inches, you’ll stick with a 28 band size.)
Next, for the cup size. Without wearing a bra or a lightly padded one, measure at the fullest point of the bust (across the nipples.) Subtract the band size from the bust measurement. Each inch difference is a cup size.

A cup=1 inch
B cup=2 inches
C cup=3 inches
D cup=4 inches
DD/E cup=5 inches
and so on…

You can’t rely solely on measurements, make sure to try on the bras before you purchase. The style of the bra may affect the fit.

If the bra fits:
-The band will not ride up, if it does, the band size is too big
-There are spaces/gaps or no wrinkles in the fabric of the cups, if there are, the cups are too big
-There is no spillage on the tops, sides or bottom of the cups, if there is, the cup is too small
-The underwire and middle part of the bra should stay flat against your ribcage

Good luck on finding the perfect fitting bra! 🙂

Sharon asks…

How to prove a irrational number is not rational?

For example, square 2. Suppose it is either irr or Ra. How can you prove it?
Also, how to convert square 2 into decimal without using the calculator?

admin answers:

„How to prove a irrational number is not rational?“

Easy! Since it is irrational, it is not rational, by definition! 😀

I’m kidding; I know what you meant. Generally, at its core, there’s a proof by contradiction. You assume the given number is rational, and find a contradiction. So, for example, in the case of square root 2, we assume it can be written in the form p/q, where p and q are integers. In fact, we can assume they share no factors larger than 1, because then we can simply cancel those factors until they share no factors larger than 1. Then:

p/q = sqrt(2)
p^2 / q^2 = 2
p^2 = 2q^2

Since the right hand side is even, then so must the left hand side. The left hand side cannot be odd, because then p^2 would be odd. Therefore, the left hand side is even, and so p = 2k for some integer k. Thus:

(2k)^2 = 2q^2
q^2 = 2k^2

By the same logic, q must be even. But this is a contradiction, since we assumed p and q have no factors greater than 1. Thus, our assumption that sqrt(2) is rational is false, and hence it is irrational.


To work out sqrt(2) without a calculator, you need to use some kind of approximation method. Here’s a very simple, but cumbersome one:

1^2 = 1 and 2^2 = 4, which lie on either side of 2, so sqrt(2) lies between 1 and 2
1.4^2 = 1.96 and 1.5^2 = 2.25, which lie on either side of 2, so sqrt(2) lies between 1.4 and 1.5
1.41^2 = 1.41 + 0.564 + 0.0141 = 1.9881 and 1.42^2 = 1.42 + 0.568 + 0.0282 = 2.0164, so sqrt(2) lies between 1.41 and 1.42

You can keep on trying decimal places as much as you like, until you get the desired precision. Another relatively simple method is Newton’s method, and it converges fairly rapidly. To understand Newton’s method, you need to know some Calculus, which I won’t go into, but essentially, what we do is form a sequence recursively:

x(n + 1) = x(n) – (x(n)^2 – 2) / (2x(n)) = x(n) / 2 + 2 / x(n)

which we start at some point x(0) that we choose. If we choose x(0) > 0, then we will approximate sqrt(2) (if x(0) < 0, we approximate -sqrt(2)). Let's start with x(0) = 1. Then:

x(1) = x(0) / 2 + 1 / x(0) = 1/2 + 1/1 = 1.5
x(2) = x(1) / 2 + 1 / x(1) = 1.5 / 2 + 1 / 1.5 ~= 0.75 + 0.66666… = 1.41666…
X(3) = x(2) / 2 + 1 / x(2) = 1.41666… / 2 + 1 / 1.41666… ~= …


The more iterations you do, the closer it becomes, and the more the first digits stabilise. The sequence will eventually becomes as close as you like to sqrt(2), so if you compute enough, you'll find that you'll get as many digits as you want of sqrt(2).

Mark asks…

Do I always have to put a negative sign to enter PV in a financial calculator?

I own a Texas Instruments BA II Plus financial calculator. DO I always have to enter the Present Value (PV) as a negative amount? does that apply for any financial calculator?

admin answers:

Yes, you do have to put the negative. Sometimes it seems odd, but here is an example that makes more sence.

Situation: You borrow $50,000 at 8% per year, you agree to make payments of 6000 every year. How long will it take to pay off the loan?

On your calc it would look like this:

N = ?

I% = 8

PV = -50,000 (You are in the hole 50,000 remember, so its negative)

PMT = 6000

FV = 0 (at the end you want to owe nothing)

Solve for N, you will get a period of 14.27 years.

Hope that helps

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