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Helen asks…

Pokemon black and white: POKÉRUS?

Well I am looking for someone who wants to give me a pokerus infected pokemon or trade one with me, I can offer many pokemon so just say what you want for it
FRIEND CODE: 3353 3279 7262
So do you have a pokerus infected pokemon for me D:?
I am from the netherlands (paris, Rome time zone)
Okay! What do you want for you pokerus?
i am there and standing by
i’m now communicating, but it says “lankey failled to communcate“
Yeah that’s what I get too D: now you’re gone :c
should i re-enter?
too bad :c
Okay! Do you have black or white? Just post your friend code if you want to trade ^-^ which pokemon do you want?
I only have a conkeldurr :c is that good too? I’ll enter in a minute
I’m already there 😀
I get disconnected every time I communicate I’ll try again closer to my wifi point
It says ‚Spy failed to respond‘ every time *yells at pokemon*
It gives an error code for the firewall on a router which is disabling us to trade D: Whaaaat nooooo
i have a legal pokemon white version
Can’t you put the pokemon up for global trade? Ask for a conkeldurr and I’ll offer him
Every pokemon from the black and white pokedex (first one) will do, I already completed it
Which one are you offering?
Piplup is good too! I already have that pokemon in my pokedex
Okay!!! Yay! Ask for a conkeldurr and I’ll offer him
Which gender is it? And who are you? Because I can’t find you on GL
The gender will lower the choises
WAIT the location you entered in gl will do
Good too ;D I have 20 minuts left till I got to go
There are many options, what’s your entered location on GT?
Okay! Hurry up a litlle bit

Okay Thanks, I’ll mail you tomorrow!
If you train the purloin to level 31 I WILL be abble to find you very fast!
I sent you a mail, are you still willing to trade D; I want pokerus so badly

admin answers:

Is the trade still open?

Cool wait 5 minuets, I need to find my ds.

I have pokemon black, my friend code is 3525 1346 4918, and any pokemon would be good but if you can, can i have a Gurdurr

Yeah its good, I’ll be in in 5 minuets

Sorry ‚bout that, Let me do the request it took a while last time time i traded

Ok back to you doing the request (WHY ISNT THIS WORKING 8U)

Same here you do the request im sure this time it’ll work

Do you have diamond/ pearl, platinum/ hg/ss

I’m sorry but there must be a problem on your end, it never took this long to trade or anything on wifi for me

That would work, but don’t you need a pokemon already in you pokedex?

OK cool, i did have a piplup so just wait 5 minuets so i can transfer the pokerus to patrat k

Cool then, I shall go on globle trade now!!! The piplup is lv 1 btw

Sorry i cant trade the the piplup, it was a gift from one of my best friends, i’ll give you a lv 9 male purrlion is that ok.
20 MINUETS!!! Ok I gotta be quick i should get purrlion up in a minuet

Wait a second my purrlion wont get the pokerus

I’m sorry it isn’t working, When you get back email me, my email is and we should be able to trade then

Chris asks…

Pokemon Black and White Ev Training Attack?

Ok, so i’m trying to ev train my adamant shiny Salamence on attack with pokerus and the power bracer. I know that you would get your ev stuff after every battle, but on my Salamence it seems its attack isn’t increasing after every battle. I am on Route 1 battling the Patrat and Lillipup for ev training my Salamence’s attack. Am I missing something? Please help. I would appreciate it!

admin answers:

Firstly, EVs only have an effect when you level up, or place the Pokémon in the PC.

Secondly, the EV’s don’t all add on every time you level up. It spreads it out until level 100.

So if you started training a Pokémon at Level 80, and you got full effort values in attack before level 81, it would probably increase attack by 7 or so every time it levelled up ‚till it reached level 100.

Whereas, if you got full EVs in attack when you started training at level 99, it would go up the full 63 stats when you reached level 100.

Laura asks…

Transferring Pokerus?

Exactly how do you transfer pOkerus in black and

admin answers:

Do you mean getting Pokerus, or spreading it to other Pokemon? If you want to get Pokerus, then there’s an extremely rare chance of getting it when you go to the Pokemon Center. If I remember correctly, you have a higher chance of seeing a shiny Pokemon than getting Pokerus. If you want to SPREAD Pokerus, then put a Pokemon that has Pokerus adjacent to the Pokemon that doesn’t. Get in a battle or two, and your Pokemon should have Pokerus.

David asks…

Pokemon Black/White WiFi Trade?

If you’re a troll then get out of here now.

I’m seeking a legit male Extremespeed Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite (don’t make any other offers now). I’m offering the following:

Larvitar with Pokerus and Dragon Dance Egg move

They’re all legit! My FC is in About Me in my profile. Contact me through the email option in my profile if you can trade. Oh yeah, don’t give me your email address, I only contact people by clicking on their profile and using the email function so we don’t get each others email addresses, but you’ll have to enable it first.

admin answers:

Ill trade you for the larvitar i have the male dratini and can get extremespeed for it

Joseph asks…

Pokemon Black/White EV training question?

So I just learned of EV training and what it can do, and I know how to do it, but I’ve been wondering something. My Samurott is at level 100 now, and it has definitely battled more than 510 (or whatever the limit is) EVs, so would my samurott be EV trained already? Im not quite clear on that. Im currently EV training my totodile, and i see no difference between getting the points quicker using a macho brace and pokerus and just getting single or double points without either of those and just going slower. Can someone clear this up for me?

admin answers:

Samurott is not EV trained because it wasn’t trained by battling specific Pokemon like Patrat or Pidove’s. You may not see it, but in the long run you will. I got a Deino and EV trained its Sp. Atk and when I got it to Hydreigon, it had max Sp. Atk. Macho Brace will DOUBLE the EV’s you get in a battle so it speeds it up.

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