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Thomas asks…

Question about taking baby on vacation?

We are going to Idaho next month to visit my grandparents and taking our 8 month old son with us. We will be flying because it is a 14 hour drive and I don’t think he would be up for that. I am totally lost when it comes to taking a baby on a plane! Does he sit on my lap? Does he need his own seat? Can I just hold him during take off/landing?

Also, what would you suggest doing for his sleeping situation? He sleeps in his own crib at home, but is a former co-sleeper. I’m afraid if I let him sleep with me for the 5 days we are there, he will not want to go back to his crib when we get home. Should I bring his pack n play and just check it? I just don’t want to feel like we’re bringing unnecessary things, as we are already bringing our bags, his car seat, and his stroller. Advice? Again…I’m clueless!
Oh ya one more thing…am I looking at hideous extra baggage/oversized items charges for these types of things?

admin answers:

You can take your son for free if he sits on your lap. If you want to pay for a seat you can also do that and then if the plane is large enough you can bring the car seat with you for him to sit in that in the plane.

I have found, with experience, that there is almost always an extra seat on the plane and the people at the gate are more than happy to switch things around to get you that extra seat (it makes everyone on the plane happier in the end). Another thing we’ve done is booked 2 seats for ourselves as an aisle and window and not the middle seat. Most people will not want that middle seat and chances are, unless the plane is full, that seat will remain empty. If, per chance, someone does take that seat, they’ll be happy to switch to the window or aisle in exchange for the middle 🙂 Even if the baby has his own seat you will have to hold him during take off and landing.

About the sleeping, my suggestion would be to ask Grandma to find a neighbor who may have a pack n‘ play that they can lend you. If not you can check it but that’s a pain and costs more for you.

With the car seat and stroller –
1. If you’re still using a snap n‘ go style (recommendation if he still fits) then you can check the snap n’go at the gate and take the car seat if there’s room and a seat for him, otherwise you would check that at the gate too.
2. If not, then take a lightweight stroller with you and check it at the gate. If your son will not have his own seat then you can check the car seat as luggage so you don’t have to carry it to the gate.

Charges – the stroller and car seat will be free to check as baggage or at the gate. I know you get an allotment of 2… Not sure if it would include the pack n‘ play but you can call and they can help you figure that out.

Hope this is helpful – let me know if you have anymore questions!

Sandy asks…

going from infant car seat to a convertible car seat just made me have the worst day ever, HELP?

got a convertable carseat thinking it will help with my daughters motion sickness and also maybe make life easier. This was the hardest day of my life since I have had my baby, so this convertible car seat DOES NOT make my life easier it makes it harder. Now because she is sitting up straighter she can not drink her bottle while we are out, also she always falls asleep when we are out this is awful now cause she is sitting straighter and her head is falling ALL OVER THE PLACE to the point it looks almost dangerous. Also when she was in the infant car seat before and she would fall asleep I would just put the car seat in my snap n go and she will sleep while I am shopping or doing my errands. NOW it wakes her up when I try to transfer her to her stroller then she will not go in the stroller. I managed to get her in it once today while she was sleeping without waking her up BUT she woke up at the store and went insane and I had to hold her while trying to push the stroller which was horrible. I mean it was just the worst day ever. Can it really be this hard??? what am I doing wrong? and does anyone have any tips on making all this easier?
she is 11 months almost 12

admin answers:

It sounds like maybe your car seat is installed incorrectly. It should lean back quite a bit when it is rear-facing. And she should be rear-facing until AT LEAST 20 lbs and 1 year. And the newest guidelines are suggesting they are safest rear facing until 2. (Although I flipped my daughter at a year.) My car seat has a little flippy part at the bottom that you flip toward the front of the seat in rear-facing mode and toward the back of the seat in forward-facing mode. It’s way easy once you figure out what you are doing. (Of course, my husband still had it installed wrong for a couple of weeks, which really irked me when I realized what he’d done. LOL.)

If your daughter was happier in her baby seat, and she can still fit in it (most go to 22 lbs or more) than put her back into it. We bought the convertible car seat when my daughter was 8 months old, but because my husband preferred the other seat, she used that until like 11 months old. It was just more convenient for things like shopping, getting her into and out of the chair, and such. It was heavy to carry, but it did work.

Days like you had today will happen as your daughter gets older. It is hard to take toddlers to the store, especially when they are tired, because they whine, cry, and get overtired easily. I have found that taking a sippy cup and some raisins or goldfish crackers is a good way to keep them in the stroller or cart without driving me right over the edge.

Good luck.

Sandra asks…

Dream about hateful older man (kinda medium/long)?

Lately I have been having these dreams about this hateful older man. He is very tall and pale with an age wrinkled face, salt/pepper hair that is flipped at the edges, and he always wears a black T-shirt with dark gray jeans. Anyway, the strange thing about this is that he only appears in my peaceful dreams (good dreams) and spoils them. I also notice that on mornings after the dreams in which he shows up, there is always this thick vibe of negativity between my loved ones and I which weren’t there the day before. It causes arguments to erupt among us for no particular reason, but when he doesn’t appear in my dreams then there are no vibes between us and we get along fine.

Last night my dream started out with me sitting on a bench in a park, observing both the scenery and the people who walked by. Then I suddenly felt something tapping me upon the back of my shoulder. When I turned around to see who or what it was, that’s when I saw the old man standing behind me. He pointed to a gay couple (two men) who were kissing and holding hands and started cursing saying „I ought to blow their m****rf*****n‚ heads off, disgusting f*****s!“ So he pulled out a gun and aimed it at the two men. I tried to stop him but by then it was too late and he fired a shot which beheaded both of the men. Next he singled out an interracial couple (black man/white woman) who were pushing their baby in a stroller, hurled derogatory insults at them before shooting the baby point blank in the head. And then he went on a rampage, wildly shooting at anyone who was gay, interraciaI, disabled/handicapped etc. I started to scream which caught his attention. He turned back towards my way and knocked me to the ground before grabbing both of my hands and pinning me down. Then he pulled my clothes off and started raping/beating me, laughing and enjoying every minute of it. The dream ended with me yelling and crying.

Could someone please interpret what this dream could mean and explain why the same man keeps popping up?

admin answers:

Every person in a dream represents an aspect of yourself. So he represents some part of yourself thats probably causing the negative vibe between u and ur family. Idk wht exactly it might be though. Maybe ur intolerant or something but it might be something only u would know.

Mandy asks…

Above 40 lbs, does a child need to be in a car seat on a plane? Or is it age related?

My son is larger than average. He is 17 months old and 38 or 39 lbs. He is off the charts percentile wise, definitely more than 97% and proportionate for height and weight. He is NOT overweight, he just basically looks like a 3 yr old, its rather strange. Well, my husband is working in Idaho, we live in Georgia, and I want to go visit with my son often but that means regular plane trips. My son has been on a plane before at 3 months and 9 months but was always held on a lap. At 9 months he was a handful as a lap child but now there is no way I could travel that way. He walks, runs, climbs etc.
I have looked into the Sit n Stroll combination car seat strollers because I recently had back surgery and wont be able to carry him and a lot of things through airports and this would be great but it is only approved up to 40 lbs forward facing. He could reach that in a matter of weeks. So after 40lbs, does he just have to sit in the plane seat? Im not comfortable with that. What other options do I have? Is the Sit n Stroll the only product of this type? What should I do? A 17 mnth old is too „little“, even at 40lbs, to be sitting like an adult in a plane seat.

admin answers:

I think u have to get a booster im pretty sure cause i don’t think he needs like a regular car seat cause hes 39 pounds but the thing is how tall is he cause there is a height limit

Lisa asks…

Help!! Need stroller for 2yr old and Newborn/Infant!!!!?

I have been going crazy for the past two days trying to figure out which stroller is best for me. My daughter will just have turned 2 when I have the new baby. She still likes to ride in stroller and take naps. I was thinking after reading everything I would order the One Step Ahead Sit n Stand Elite Double Stroller. Then I saw a bunch of reviews about the back seat not having enough leg room.

My daughter is a tall girl. 98% range for her age! At her 18month check up the Dr told me if we went of her height that day she would be 5’9″ as an adult. Yea so I can imagine how tall she is going to be when she is 2. She takes after her 6’6″ Daddy.

I want something that I can use for both kids for anything i.e Disneyland, Zoo or just a mall trip. Can anyone suggest anything that will work with my 2 year old who still likes to take naps in stroller and a newborn carrier/out of carrier and able to sit????? I am also a petite 5’4″ so I have to be able to lift it! Also at what age are kids officially out of the stroller? Sorry for blabbing 🙂

Thank you!!!!!!

admin answers:

The sit n stand dont have a lot of room and not comfortable altogether.

You can go with a Graco Duoglider…you’ll be able to get a carseat in and the child in the front. However is a bit heavy, you have to try it in the store

Another option but you cannot place an infant carseat though-is the side by side Chicco-my sister got it for her toddler and her newborn as well, and now her daughter who’s over 3 and her brother who’s 18 mos still use it!!
It’s very comfortable for BOTH children! It reclines fully!-so naps X2!!
Even though it’s side by side, it can be used to go to the mall, gorcery shopping, etc! It’s durable and overall a smooth ride! And it can be used from newborn to preschooler.


As for what age a child is out of the stroller-it depends on your daily life etc-if you go for long walks.. Or amusement parks then you’ll need a stroller for a while with your toddler.

I have a 5 yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old and in the summer while going out for walk,amusemnt parks, he was riding in a wagon-he’s outgrown his double stroller.
So yea you’ll still need it.

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