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Paul asks…

how do you spread pokerus?

i have a level 100 mew with a smilie face next to it and i heard that
is how you tell it’s pokerus but i’m not even sure what pokerus is all i know is that it is good and you can spead it to other pokemon how do i spread it to other pokemon
and i talk to the lady at the poke center and she said it had pokerus

admin answers:

Serebii will have this answer in full. Http://

Steven asks…

how do u spread pokerus?

i have a pokemon with a pkrs and i want to spread it to my other pokemon i dont think it is working becaure the one that has it is lv 100

plz dont answer with ‚whats a pokerus‚ because your wasting your time

admin answers:

Okay what you do is you put the pokemon you want to spread it to next to the one that has it (the one that has it must be at the top) next get into a battle and keep fighting with that pokemon thats a way to spread those germs

also you can spread them by going to a pokemon centre and healong them but i forgot what happens as i didnt read the message about what she said

Carol asks…

How to spread Pokerus?

My Togekiss Lv. 100 has had Pokerus for quite a while but it won’t spread. I have no idea how it got Pokerus but it was in Pokemon Diamond. Then, I transfered it to Platinum and know to Soul Silver. I had no idea it had Pokerus until the nurse at Goldenrod City informed me about it. I’m trying to spread the Pokerus to my 3 Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff but, it won’t spread. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
I just noticed the smiley face. Nooooo!

admin answers:

You said that your Togekiss had Pokerus for quite a while. Has it already been two days?

Once your Pokemon has Pokerus, it takes two days for it to completely heal, but during those two days you are able to pass Pokerus to several others that weren’t infected in your party.

After those two days past, your Pokemon will still have the effect of Pokerus, but their immune systems has fought off the disease (Indicated as a smiley face next to the Pokemon’s Summary). This means that you can no longer pass on Pokerus to another pokemon.

You can preserve Pokerus by placing it in the PC box.

Hope this helps!

Jenny asks…

how do u spread a pokerus(poke-virus) in pokemon diamond?

i got a pokerus from this chinese dude over wifi and his pokemon has a pokerus,and i want to spread it, i tryed to put it in my box and waited like 12 hrs or so and no1 got the virus…
do anyone kno how to spread the virus??

admin answers:

You need to keep your pokemon in the party. Then when it battles, it has a 1 in 3 chance of spreading it to adjecent pokemon in each battle (so the pokemon is in slot 1, so it spreads to the ones in your 2nd and 4th slot).

Chris asks…

how do you spread the pokerus.?

so yea how do i spread the pokerus from one of my pokemon to the others in the party in pokemon diamond,pearl,platinum,ss,and hg.??

admin answers:

Stick the infected Pokemon next to whomever you want the virus to spread to in your party. (EG: the third Pokemon in the party will infect #s 2 and 4 first, and #1 will infect #2) It’s easy enough to spread, just go into battles. You don’t even have to fight, you can run if you want.

It might not spread right away, but it will eventually. It usually happens within the first 1 or 2 battles. ^_^

Also, if your Pokemon no longer has the purple „PkRs“ status on the summary screen, but instead a (: |) face, it means that while it still is affected by PkRs, it can no longer spread the virus, and any attempt to do so is futile.

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