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Lisa asks…

Free online poker websites?

Is there any website where I can play texas hold ‚em poker with other people for free, with no real prizes of course, but alot of players.

admin answers:

Yes, all poker websites also offer free poker (play /fun money accounts). As you are looking for many players online, you should play the free poker with the biggest and best providers world wide. See here a list of the best online poker rooms where you can play for free hold’em and many more poker variations
have fun

Sharon asks…

Poker Rooms, Free Online Poker Websites?

Hey anyone Know about a Good Poker Website That you can Play poker for free and win prizes? I want to play Free Online Poker, . Anyone Know any other sites beside these below? Also No Deposit poker rooms please. Thanks Let me know.

admin answers:
US players wellcomed

good luck and see you on the tables

John asks…

any1 nw any free online poker websites for mobile??….?

i have a nokia 5800

admin answers:

I know one, there a review here:

And they accept paypal.

Poker, casino and sports betting all on your mobile phone.

Michael asks…

Give me websites to get ZYNGA POKER CHIPS for free?

Please, only websites that actually work.
I need poker chips for free.
Please help !

admin answers:

You get free chips every day just for logging in, can get more free chips sent to you by friends and bonus chips by leveling up…I’ve never bought chip one and built up my stack to the $1M level and made VIP status in just a couple of months.

I also mention in passing that Zynga prominently displays on the game that buying chips from 3rd parties is grounds for banning. Just sayin’…

Chris asks…

What are some good websites to play free online blackjack and poker?

without having to put in my address and all of that stuff.

admin answers:

Doyles Room is a great site for poker and casino games, nver had any problems!

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