Your Questions About Bestec Power Supply

Paul asks…

i have a compaq presario and the power supply light just flashes and the pc wont come on?

the power supply is bestec and it has a light on the back of it to let you know when the power is on but the light is not constantly on like it should be, the light just flashes.

admin answers:

You power supply or mother board is bad. Call compaq if it under warranty. If not take it ot trained technician. (NOT THE GEEK SQUAD)

Ruth asks…

Can I replace my Emachine’s power supply with any power supply with the same power?

My Emachine used a Bestec ATX-250-12e power supply. Do I need to use the same brand and model? Or can I just get a generic ATX 250 watt power supply?

admin answers:

As long as the power supply fits the case and has the proper connector it will work but do yourself a favor and purchase one with a higher wattage output. It sounds like the original crapped because you have added peripherals and the power supply no longer can handle the load. The higher wattage rating only designates the amount of power the supply can put out. If anyone tells you that you cant do this they are full of crap and need to stick with fixing sandwiches…

Sandy asks…

Upgrading my power supply in my Gateway PC?

ok I have a Gateway GT5676 desktop pc that came with a crappy power supply (Bestec ATX300 12EB3) that wont cut it with the new nVidia 8800GTS video card I bought. So I need to upgrade the PSU but after buying one I realized it only has 1 SATA connector and I need two for the HDD’s. I need urgent suggestions on what power supply I need to fit in this ATX case that will run this card with at least a 600W supply with PCI-e connectors and at least 2 SATA connectors. I have a small budget so I dont care about cheaping out at this point. Any one know of what I can get and where to get it?

admin answers:

You don’t need a whole new power supply! You just need a converter like this:

Nancy asks…

problem with a power supply for a HP – pavillion a1419h?

okay, soo I’ve looked and looked and i’ve found the right power supply, i think
thats the link to the one I found

but how can i be sure the connections are right…and I don’t know if all the parts are in the computer….i know alot about computers but i’m just not sure
because i’ve only messed around with old computers and i found this one
see I know the old connects but this one has a SATA X2….its faster i guess…?

I just don’t know what connector pin things, I should be looking for…?
if anyone can help me out and any advice at all about power supplys, i need.
thanks 🙂
I’m also wondering about the hard drive….it has a different connector from what i know…and it doesn’t seem to have the 4 prong to connect the power thing

someone explain that ?

admin answers:

Good job finding that P/S. The SATA X2 just means there is two of them. The only issue I see that might be an issue is the 24pin ATX motherboard connector. Some boards use 20, some 24. Since this is listed as a replacement for your model it’s probably OK. If your case is open count the pins on the main P/S to M/B connector. If it’s 24, your good to go; if it’s 20, get the 24 to 20 pin adapter. Some 24’s even break apart at the last 4, but this says nothing about it.

Charles asks…

Does anyone know how many Watts my power supply has?

i’ll show you the details, this is when i look at the sticker on my power supply:

MODEL: ATX-300- 12V
INPUT: 100-127V~7A, 200-240V~4A 60/50Hz
BST ATX-300- 12z bd

OUTPUT +12V —- / 19A – 12V —- / 0.8 BA
300W MAX. +5V —- / 30a +5vsb —- / 2A PEAK 2.5A
+3.3V —- / 2BA,
+5V & 3.3V 180W MAX. +5V & +12V 288W MAX

It says that on the sticker.
Anyone wanna help me I want to get a new video card
Mine is a Integrated ATi Radeon Xpress 200 Chipset -_-

admin answers:

Your power supply has a MAX power output of 300W, however you will not want to run it at full capacity as you lose efficiency and may cause it to putter out. That PSU will be plenty for a system with 1 or 2 hard drives, 1 or 2 cd/dvd drives, a stock P4 to low end Dual core processor, and a low end PCI/AGP/PCI-E video card. However if you are looking to upgrade your video card to something like an 8800GT or anything like the such, then you should look into a 430W or 500W PSU.

Try for any computer parts you may need, they have excellent customer service.

Hope this helps.

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