Your Questions About Pass To Honor

Mandy asks…

What is the passing grade for honor class in middle school in new york?

So i go to school in brooklyn new york. The thing i want to know is what is the passing grade for honors class in middle school in new york. Because i just got my report card and i got a 77.78 weight average
and many people tell me its 75 passing then some tell me its 85 for passing and im very confused please help me !

admin answers:

I’m in New York and I’m pretty sure it’s 85%

Robert asks…

If Ric Flair was to pass away tomorrow, would WWE honor him?

Knowing how Flair disrespected WWE, Shawn Michaels, and all the fans by going against his word after a top of the line sendoff, and going to TNA, Would there be a tribute show or at least have the „In Memory of Ric Flair“ before the show?

admin answers:

Probably would because of HHH

Sharon asks…

Will the Halos Wear Patches to Honor Rory Markas Next Year?

The Angels last year wore patches to honor the passing of Preston Gomez & Nick Adenhart. I know the only patches they are going to wear are the All-Star game patch and the Angel patch on their left sleeve that they wore last year. Are they gonna wear patches to honor Rory Markas?

admin answers:

If you go to Wikipedia and look up the 2010 Major League Baseball season there is a section about the different teams that will be wearing patches this year. If you scroll down to the Angels you will see that YES they will be wearing a patch in honour of Rory Markas.

George asks…

do you have to have a pass to play medal of honor for ps3 online?

i been hearing u need a pass to play moh is that true cuase im thinking of buyin it

admin answers:

No, you don’t HAVE to have an online pass, but it’s always good to have one.

I bought MOH used a couple months back and the code was already used up but, I was still able to play online.
Plus, you can buy the code for 10$ which is kind of a rip but, you don’t need it to actually play online.
Play on!

Donna asks…

Online Pass for Medal of Honor help?

I entered my online pass Onto xbox live And I couldn’t figure out how to access the content so could y’all please tell me how?

admin answers:

It just unlocks 1 shotgun for each team + 1 sub-machine gun for both teams and u get an map pack for free in the MOH store and access to the Beta coming soon.

You pick the guns the same as all other guns

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