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William asks…

Can I use a non-Virgin Mobile (USA) phone on Virgin?

For instance, if I bought a phone from a third party (ebay, craigslist, etc.), if the phone was unlocked and was the same technology (GSM right?), could I potentially activate it on Virgin? I have not done anything yet, but if this is possible I was considering getting a better Android device to use.
On the subject, could this work for any of the other no-contract networks? Metro PCS, Boost, etc. Thanks

admin answers:

you would have to buy a virgin mobile phone to use the virgin mobile service.
However virgin mobile has the android so there you go.

Also virgin mobile is a non-contract network. They have this really cheap plan where you pay 25$ a month for unlimited texting and data and internet + 300 talk minutes. But say you get tired of using virgin mobile, dont pay your bill and your phone will be turned off and there you go youre done with that network and phone.

George asks…

I have been using my Virgin Mobile to text messages (SMS) to my daughter’s Virgin cell, and it works perfectly?

Anyway, my daughter has Yahoo Messenger, I have Yahoo Messenger, we both have Virgin Mobile phones…everything , but tonight I tried to SMS her cell from my PC and it ‚accepted‘ it all, taking/processing the send request, but when I started to close out, the entire messages came on screen (like a letter), and at bottom it read „this # unable to receive SMS try again“ or that’s the gist of it anyway. so what’s up w/ that? So, does this mean even tho cell to cell my messgs were going thru, but they never hav PC to her mobile #, or just tonight? Anyone experience this, and any advice/wisdom to impart?

admin answers:

The best way to send a text message to her Virgin Mobile cell from your computer is to email [her 10 digit phone number]

There tends to be a character limit (including subject line–*everything*) which I believe is ~160 characters. It might vary by phone model.

It’s possible for her to set her phone to reject text messaging, and that may have occurred for some reason. It’s not clear if you used the email method or attempted something else.

Helen asks…

cell phone that works in USA and Canada?

I have a cell phone that is Virgin mobile. My new girlfriend lives in Windsor Ontario, and when i cross into Canada, my cell phone does not work as it stays on a constant searching and never lets me use it. Is there a cell phone plan in America that I can also use in Canada? I appreciate any help

admin answers:

Verizon wireless phones work in canada

Donald asks…

How to find how much credit i have on my Virgin Mobile in Australia?

I have a samsung mobile phone, and am with Virgin Mobile in Australia. What number do I call or txt to find out how much credit I have remaning? I have tried calling 225 but that doesen’t work. Any help pleaes?

admin answers:

Check this out:

Lisa asks…

Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile or AT&T (Service) + What Phone?

Short phone history, I started with Sprint but had problems getting calls to and from my house, switched to Verizon, which was generally great, but did a family plan and was left footing the bill (which I paid, but they wanted me to make a deposit), so I switched to Boost Mobile.

Eventually I went to Virgin Mobile. I had a much nicer phone with Boost Mobile, but was very dissatisfied with the service (and their web services offer at the time was a blatant lie).

I pay $30-33 a month including tax with Virgin Mobile and I use a LG Flare. Their customer service is slightly worse than Boost Mobile’s and the web barely works.

I am a student on a limited income; right now with my part-time job (Winn-Dixie) I get 17% off AT&T monthly plans and no activation fees (I think this is standard practice with no customers). I am in the process of getting back my job with the Medical College here, so technically I would also qualify for any potential discounts for Florida State employees through a technicality.

So there are a few things, which company offers superior service/price: T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile? Most plans cost $30-60 a month.

Is going with AT&T worth it? As I have learned you make a down payment on a phone and then pay $15/month until the phone is paid off. Seems pretty insane to pay $400-500 for a phone..but being able to stream videos is nice and then paying $80-110 a month on top of that. I do get 17% off, so the bill would not be as bad as some others get. I was told by an AT&T rep that the maximum discount is 22% off (for Burger King employees).

This phone/plan would be for personal use.

Remaining question would be which phones to consider.

Virgin Mobile: LG Optimus V or Motorola Triumph
T-Mobile: No idea, I have some variation of an Android Galaxy
AT&T: iphone 3, iphone 4, Google Phone, Android, no idea

admin answers:

I have virgin Mobile and it’s the best phone unlimited everything for only $45.00

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