Your Questions About Pokerus Pokemon Black

Ruth asks…

Pokemon black pokerus?

Could anyone give me a pokemon with pokerus? I am going to start wifi battling and pokerus would be very helpful, thanks. If interested email me at

admin answers:


Paul asks…

Pokemon Black, Pokerus Smileys?

I know the yellow smiley means that the pokemon has pokerus, and that the pink one means that it once had it but no longer does, but what about if the pokemon has a small blue smiley looking one?

admin answers:

Any face means it got over pokerus. But there is only a pink one in B/W. Are you sure you have the right game?

Carol asks…

Pokerus in Pokemon Black?

I know that with pokerus you get double EV points while the pokemon has it. After the pokemon loses pokerus do they still continue to earn double EV points or does it go back to normal?

admin answers:

Ya they still earn duble. Just cant pass virus on

Michael asks…

Does anyone have a pokemon with pokerus they’re willing to trade to me (pokemon black)?

I’m trying to EV train and its not going as fast as I expected so if anyone’s out there that would be willing to help me out then I’d be SOOO grateful
My friend code is: 5286 1853 2012
please leave your friend code and time you’d like to trade too.

admin answers:

Sure, I can. My FC’s on my profile, and I’ll be on in a few minutes.

One of the Marvel Scale Dratinis I was breeding has it… So maybe that’s like a double treat? O_O

Edit: I’m gonna leave and conserve DS power, tell me when you log on. I’ll keep checking back at this question, or you can just email me. Either or.

Robert asks…

does anyone have a pokemon with pokerus that they could trade me in pokemon black?

just give me your email and we can talk more after you post

admin answers:

I have an eevee with pokerust but im going to need a good trade

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