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Lizzie asks…

Where can I play free online poker & such games for fun NOT money?

I’m just looking for a place to play for fun and practice. Every place I check out you have to pay for or you need money to play, or the only games they have are solitaire and such B.S.
I need a place to play poker, for fun, not money right now.
Any helpful working answer gets you 10 pts.
No, I’m not a compulsive gambler. 😉
Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Pokerstars has many free poker games including free tournaments which can win you real money..

Susan asks…

Where can I find FREE online poker games with no money involved?

admin answers:

Every answer here is both right and wrong, so let me clear it up for you.

It’s true the PartyPoker, fulltiltpoker, and pokerstars are great sites in which to use play money, meaning you don’t have to make any monetary investment. And yes, they sometimes run special tournaments which could net you some real money in the long run, although they’re extremely tough to win, given the number of participants involved.

But you have to use the .net sites to just play for fun. The .com sites require a cash infusion. So go to these sites exclusively to play for free:

Donna asks…

Which are the best online poker sites for free games?

I play on Full Tilt, Empire Poker and Poker Stars.

I heard Poker Stars was good but I find it difficult to get a good game on there due to slow players or people getting disconnected. This is annoying especially when you’re in a sit and go or tourney.

admin answers:

The best poker sites are the one you already mentioned, means FullTilt Poker and PokerStars..
These sites provides both free gaming and real money gaming so you can choose any type…
But you are looking for free money gaming.. Still then these sites are good…
But if you are not happy with these try on Party Poker and bodog poker, carbon and absolute….

Check their reviews at

Lisa asks…

What are some good free online poker games for the Ipod Touch?

admin answers:

Zynga Poker is the best I have it and it’s awesome

Paul asks…

Is there free poker games for 17 year olds?

admin answers:

Yeh go to poker stars .com

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