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Nancy asks…

too much poker for me!!?

i’m addicted to poker and i don’t know if i want to stop or continue.
i’ve made ALOT of money playing online and offline poker. i’ve played on pokerstars for about a year now and i’ve made alotttt of money but i think i play way too much. I make more than i would with a normal job (currently around $31/hour and i usually play stakes 1/2 max. I am only a student, though, so i have my whole life ahead of me. I’m not sure if i want to stay strong in school or make a living off poker after i graduate…?

btw, i am slight bipolar, so if i get in a really bad tilt i tend to lose alot of money, i’m getting alot better though at putting up with losing because it’s just part of the game, you get sucked out on alot. Overall i’m up alot because i’m always watching pot-odds and labeling players etc…

admin answers:

I just cashed out $200 last sunday, and another $520 ten minutes ago, doesnt seem to be a problem if you can control it from taking over your life (i.e spend time in school/friends etc etc)

the way i do it is, i keep 100 in my bankroll and build it up to 300 then i withdraw 200 every week or so, except i flopped a straight and a guy all in’ed me headsup for 200 dollar pot, hence the 520 withdrawal

point is, poker is a good moneymaker as you say so yourself, much better than my 7.40 p/hr „real“ part time job anyway…

High stakes/ pro poker is brutal though, so i’d suggest keep playing poker as a side thing

Donna asks…

Poker? Did I play this hand wrong?

Im in the money rounds 62 place out of 68, Im in the cut off seat and looked down at JQ hearts, everyone limp in and the only ones that I don’t know yet are sb n bb, blinds are 8k and 16k and I only have less than 60k, I smooth called since both of blinds just called as well, and flop came A 9 t small blind bets 8k into the pot eveyone fold unto me n I just called because I figure I have an open ended, turn came a J small blind bets 8k again, this time I shove it in because I figure I have more outs and the pot odds is right n got knock out because I miss n sb had A4, my question is how wrong did I played this hand? Should I just shove it in preflop or after the flop? How would you handle this situations if you re in my place? Please help and thank you so much for your time reading this and reply, thank you again in advance:)

admin answers:

Well first take note of your M, the number of times you can pay the blinds before being stacked off. Right now you’ve got 60k and it costs 24k per round, so we’ll say your M is about 2.5 to make it easier. Any time your M is 5 or lower, you’re on the verge of being knocked out and you only have two plays preflop, fold, or shove all in. Ideally you’d want a spot where you are first to enter the pot, because you want to take it down without a fight. If someone calls, you have to end up with the best hand to win the money, if they fold you just win.

That being said, multiple limpers, probably all with large stacks, you didn’t say the number but usually 9 person tables, so if you’re the button I’m assuming 6 limpers in front, it’s likely one of them is going to call you. But multiple limpers generally indicates very weak cards, so now the pot with 6 limpers is 120k. 96k from limps and 24k from the blinds. You’re getting 2:1 right now and if one players calls you all in, you’ll have 3:1 and there’s no way you’re a bigger dog than that.

Based on this, shove the chips in now and see what happens. You have to make something happen to really get somewhere deeper in this tournament and winning this hand will substantially increase your chances of that happening, so take the odds.

Sandy asks…

How to deal with running really bad in poker?

OK, so I’m a winning poker player. Ive won quite a lot of money playing online and I have a decent winrate.
Lately however I have been running extremely bad. Constantly receiving bad beat after bad beat. I’m now a full 23 buyins below expectation.

How do I deal with such a downswing? I feel sick. The odds of what has happened to me are so far out there, its unbelieveable. I feel scared to play, even though I have a huge edge over the other players. I am now convinced my luck is simply worse than my opponents.
I really dont want to take a break. Why would I? I am a winning player so it would be stupid to „not play“.

Please help.

admin answers:

If you say you are scared to play, you are playing with scared money. Not a good thing.

I have a tendency, when I’m streaking, to call hands that I wouldn’t ordinarily call. It negatively impacts my play.

Then when I become cautious, I miss out on a hand I would have won.

I try to stay in the happy medium. Somtimes, I say to myself, „Would I call this bet if that was all the chips I had?“

It is too easy to go from streaking to tilting if you don’t use the same criteria for each hand.

Lizzie asks…

Need a Basic Tutorial on Odds?

Ok, I’ve been hanging around this forum for a while and answering a lot of questions, but I’m more of a Poker gal than sports.

I’m in a casual office pool at work and I’m trying to fill out my NFL pick sheet so I tried to look up some odds on ESPN so that I’m making more than random guesses. However I just don’t understand how to read the odds that are presented on most sites. Can someone knowledgable here explain how to read this:

Minnesota @ New Orleans
51.5 O/U48.5 O/U48.0 O/U48.0 O/U48.0 O/U

So, what do all those fancy numbers mean? I don’t really care about point spreads. I just wanna know who’s favored to win.

admin answers:

What you are seeing is 5 different websites giving 5 different sets of odds.

Read it from left to right on each line. is offering 51.5 O/U with -4.5.

SportsInteraction is offering 48.5 O/U with -6

5Dimes is offereing 48.0 O/U with -6

Etc., etc., etc.

What do those numbers mean? The „51.5 O/U“ is the „Over/Under“ number. People can bet on the total number of points that will be scored that game. You could bet that the total will be „Over“ 51 1/2 or you could bet it’ll be „Under“ that number of points.

The -4.5 is the spread. It is expected that New Orleans will WIN the game by more than 4.5 points. New Orleans is the favorite.

The only weird thing is that just based on what you listed, it’s not clear at all which team is favored. Usually they will actually say, „New Orleans -4.5“ or „New Orleans -6“ or something like that. I happen to know that New Orleans is favored, but it’s not clear just by what you typed.

Intertops currently has New Orleans as a -5 favorite.

In my pool at work, I picked Minnesota to win! (Going with my heart instead of my head!)

(By the way – I love your answers! Keep posting!)

Thomas asks…

Hi, for any seasoned poker players out there, would you be so kind and help me out with a few questions I have?

Im 18 and have been playing practice hold em online for 3 months now on, I love the game already an Im hoping with your help I will learn more to help me progress.

If you have any tips that’s great but with poker having so many different aspects I think I should probably invest in a book, If you have read any what could you recommend?

Im pretty much an amateur who hasn’t mastered the odds or strategy yet but Im a willing learner. I hope soon I will be good enough 2 play for real money.

Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Texas Hold-em is a fun game. Here’s a couple quick pointers to help you win more often.

Pairs are the best hands to start with because the flop may give you 3 of a kind or better.
Top pairs (As to Js) are the best starters. Middle pairs (10s to 6s) are OK. Low pairs (5s to 2s) are iffy. (Because they can be beaten by the higher pairs.)
Suited connectors (two cards of the same suit in succession, EX.- 9, 10, of Hearts) are good because they can be used in either a Straight or Flush. Again the higher the connectors, the better your chances of winning the hand.
Non-suited connectors (Ex.- AH, 10D) are OK because you could flop a straight.
Non-suited non connectors (Ex.- AH, 9S) are not good hands, but may be worth the cost to see the flop. If the flop doesn’t land your way you can fold before the turn. Always fold any NS-NCs if the higher card is less than a J. Anything else should be folded pre-flop.

If you have been lucky, the flop will have improved your hand. (Given you another card that matches your pair, connected your straight, made your flush, etc.) If the flop missed you, fold. If it gave you a 4-card straight or a 4-card flush, you may opt to stay for the turn.

If the turn card does not improve you hand, you are faced with the choice of staying on and riding out the river or folding. (When I’m playing for real-money, if I don’t have a hand by the turn I don’t go down the river.) Look at the cards closely, if you’re holding a straight, but there are 3 cards of the same suit on the table, someone else may have made a flush, and your straight is garbage. Watch the way your opponents bet (some people never bluff, others will) and determine for yourself whether you want to bet your cards..

By now you either have a hand worth betting, or you’ve built-up the pot for somebody else. If there is a pair on the table and your best hand is 2 pairs, one of your opponents may have 3 of a kind or better. Then it’s all a gamble….. GOOD LUCK!

WARNING!!!! GAMBLING IS FUN WHEN YOU’RE WINNING, BUT NOT SO MUCH WHEN YOU’VE LOST! NEVER GAMBLE WITH MONEY YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE!! (How much money can you throw out the window of a moving vehicle and still be able to laugh about your loss?)

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