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Laura asks…

How do you mathematically find the probability of flipping a quarter and it landing on head 8000 times?

A quarter has 50% chance of landing on heads. What are the chances it will land on head 8000 times in a row? How do you calculate the odds?

admin answers:

0.5 is probablity of it happening once.
So 0.5*0.5 is the probablity of it happening twice in a row =0.25
in other words, for it to happen 8000 times, 0.5*0.5*0.5*0.5 8000 times
so 0.5^8000. Unfortunately my calculator doesn’t deal in such small digits and tells me that is equal to 0… In any case, it’s a very small probability, as you may have guessed

George asks…

Can any one suggest me, how to know your bra size? What measurements should i take to calculate my bra size?

And also can any one suggest me, which type of bras should i use, to make my boobs look small. I don’t want them to look odd and big. Please suggest, how to choose this type of bra?

admin answers:

there is a choice to check about a bra calculator and gives you instructions.

Also, the sales ladies @ Victoria’s Secret will help.

Charles asks…

What is my bra size for these measurements?

I’m 15 in a couple of months and I need some help with calculating my bra size. I don’t feel comfortable going into a shop and getting professionally measured. I’m currently wearing a 34B as this is what my mum thinks is my size.
Around the bust i’m 36inches, under the bust i’m 32inches and above the bust i’m 34inches.
I have tried loads of bra calculators on the internet but I keep coming out with loads of different sizes.

admin answers:

Alright, people ALWAYS get confused about the say 32 in say a 32B(example), the 32 is not the measurement under your bust. In order to get the 32, they have to have either a 28 or 27 in measurement under their bust, the 32 comes from adding either 4 to an even number meas. Or 5 to an odd number meas.. This applies to ALL bras. To get the cup size, you subtract the measurement of under your bust WITH the added number (example: 32) from the bust measurement.
1 in. Difference: A cup
2 in. Difference: B cup
3 in. Difference: C cup
4 in. Difference: D cup
With the bra measuring method applied, for you, i’m assuming you probably measured wrong unless you went from a 34B to a 36A. If you added the 4 or 5 already, then you would be a 36D. I would measure again, and this time, try to completely exhale, so you’re measurements aren’t too big.

Mandy asks…

Algebra: How do you determine whether a graph is even, odd, or neither?

also how can you tell if a function is even, odd , or neither;
for example:
f(x) = 2x^4 – x^2

admin answers:

It’s just based off the power. If it is x^3 it is odd. If it is x^2 it is even. The graph will be a prabola if it is even. You take the largest power to figure this out. So that would be even. To the 4th is even. If it is f(x)= 5x^5-3x^2 it is odd because 5 is the biggest power. Try it on your calculator, punch in examples it will work.

Sandra asks…

Can anyonr recommend a good source to help me become a better blackjack player?

I do pretty well at single deck, but I’d like to know all the odds and whatnot. Also, I want to learn more about multi-deck games. Are there any books or a source online? Thanks.

admin answers:

Blackjack is a very complex game that can take years to begin to fully understand, but you are on the right track by wanting to take steps to better understand it.

Player skill in blackjack is almost directly proportional to the amount of money they expect to lose (or even win, if they get good enough)

For starters, im just going to dismiss the idea suggested here, that you shoudl assume the dealer has a ten in the hole, throw it out the window, forget it, just do it, it is SIMPLY the LEAST EFFETCIVE playing strategy ever, you will play at almost a 10% disadvanateg using this logic, when with conventional strategy you will be playing atonly ~0.5% „Natesando“ is your typical gambler who has abosolutely no idea how to play blackjack effectivly, players liek him and other players will often preach their theory of blackjack and the dealer hole card always being a ten. Also, only card counters split tens, and even then they do so very rarely. Gamblers such as natesando also beleive tat events that happened in the past happen effect events in the future in a world of random events, it does not matter how many times the dealer has had blackjack in the past, when he has an ace, there is a fixed probibility of him holding a card the yeilds a blackjack. For starters on playing better blackjack, NEVER take insurance, EVER, not even if you also have a blackjack, it will only cause you to lose more money.

Moving on, the selection of games can have an effect on how much money you expect to lose/win due to the size of the hosue advantage, games that do not alow you to double down on certain hands, such as after splitting, or only allow it on hands of 9,10,11 limit yoru potential to minimise the hosue edge by doublign down. The house edge can be reduced by a number of rules variations, to find the hosue advanatge of the game you are playing (with perfect playign strategy) visit this link.


after visiting that link, and toying wiht it, you will probibly recall that the single deck game you have been playing in the past is likely a 6:5 game where blackjacks pay only 6:5. And have noticed that the edge on this game is over three times that of an 8 deck game with conventional rules. While many players are correct in the fact that fewer decks means better odds, the addition of that rule changes the house edge so much that its not even important anymore, single deck 6:5 games are of the worst blackjack games available.

Next there is playing strategy, it is complex to explain why playing strategy is the way it is, as you are just comign to understand blackjack, but you just have to trust that peopel ahve given it way mroe analisis than you possibly could in the several months of your life. „Basic playing strategy“ as it is called is the ideal action to make for each possible hand you cna be dealt in the game of blackjack. One important thing to know is that it varies by the rules and number of decks in the game a little bit, so you need to do a little homework before you hit the tables. By using basic playing strategy, the house edge will be the absolute lowest it can possibly be when compared to using any strategy that guides your play.

This link you can use to get the correct playing strategy for the game you are playing and it will yeild the lowest possible house advnatage without counting cards. Http://

Basic strategy is calulated by considering the cards you have in yoru hand and the dealers, then simulation by computer every permutation of the cards remaining in the deck(s) The computer analisis will keep track of the percentage of wins over every one of the millions of ways each hand can play out for each typoe of action such as hitting, standing, splitting etc, In the end, there is an average amount of money that is won or lost for each action and whicever action yeild the highest amount of money won on average is the correct play, because it will win you more money over the long term than any other action.

This is done over and over for each type of play and considers the correct plays for otehr hands you may encounter during the simulation.

Basic strategy is correct, you are wrong, just accept it.

Lastly, blackjack is beatable by counting cards and other methods, this area is very intracate and cant be summed up in a few paragraphs with links, even if you know how to count cards, with a point value system, it is only 5% of being able to beat the game of blackjack.

If you wnat to beat the game, you need to spend several months learnign and reading books about it, so hit up the bookstore and search in the „cards and games“ section for books on blackjack advnatage play.

No time for spell checker, im going snowboarding, send me an email if you need to knwo anything about blackjack

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