Your Questions About Pass Tour

Robert asks…

where can i get a photo pass to warped tour?

i’ve heard you can buy them at the venue, any other clues?

admin answers:

Photo passes are issued to the media. If you have or can get a media pass form a local newspaper, radio or television station, your chances will be much better at getting a such a venue pass.

When I was starting out, I connected with a radio station in a major market and had passes to more events than I could handle.

Ruth asks…

If I buy the 12 month universal studios pass does it include the studio tour? ?

I just bought the 12 month pass it was only ($74) a great buy. But I wanted to know if it included the Studio Tour. Or do I have to buy septrate tickets for that? Thanks for your help 🙂

admin answers:

Yes. All rides and attractions are included.

Charles asks…

How can I make the most out of my Warped Tour VIP pass?

I already bought my ticket, but I am getting a VIP pass because I am donating blood, but what does a VIP pass get me? How can I make sure I make the most out of it?
Is it true you get first in line for meet and greets?

admin answers:

VIP doesnt do much…
You can stand at the side of the stage, which is not fun, cause there is speakers blocking your view…
Plus its better being in the pit.

I think you get to cut in line for food and merch, that is the only good thing..

You can get into the bus area sometimes,
some venues let you in, others dont.
But i meet the most the most bands at there tents and just walking around, cause when there at the bus place, they are normaly in there buses sleeping..

To make the most of it..
Buy lots of food.

Mandy asks…

what can you do with a Warped Tour VIP pass?

If you buy the extra VIP pass for warped tour what can you do with it?
and wheres the difference with the VIP upgrade??!!
is it worth getting? 😛

admin answers:

It depends on how much extra it costs.

Chris asks…

What does the VIP pass do at warped tour for the people who donate blood?

Planning to donate blood to Music saves lives.

admin answers:

I BELIEVE you get to stand backstage during one band of your choice

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