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David asks…

Anyone else’s baby fail the newborn hearing screen? Did they pass during a retest?

My 17 day old daughter failed today. She is scheduled to be retested in 3 weeks. Anyone have experience with an infant passing on the retest where they failed the first first time? Her right ear passed, left ear failed.
She is my third child, but first that had any troubles with it. Should there still eb that much fluid at 2 1/2 weeks old? The nurse doing the test DID say that because she was tiny sometimes the machine just doesn;t work right adn that she would likely pass the second time around. But, I am a mom so naturally am concerned.

admin answers:

It is more common than people realize. Sometimes it is the equipment, sometimes there is fluid in the ears, sometimes if they are not still enough, it can affect the outcomes. It is possible that it wasn’t well explained because it is so common, though for you that is your first experience, whereas the evaluator may or may not have been sensitive to that. It happens all the time where babies fail on the first test and test out just fine with a follow up.

Robert asks…

What are the steps left to pass the stimulus package in Washington D.C?

I thought after the Senate passed it, then it was over and done with. What is necessary to pass when there has already been passage in the House and Senate?

admin answers:

The House has to look over the revisions and see if they agree with it. Any changes they make go back to the Senate for final approval. Then it’s off to Obama for his signature.

Michael asks…

My uncle that passed left me money and i dont know how to get it?

My uncle jim passed away on christmas eve 4 years ago. I was told by his wife (my aunt tonia) he left me money. My uncle jim was like a father to me and so he left all his kids money which then included me. Shortly after my uncle passed my aunt tonia started dating and noone reacted well, He then moved in to her house about 2 months after my uncle passed away and we got in a fight and stopped talked, we got in fights left and right on and off for the past 4 years but recently it was a sealed deal and we will no longer speak. She crossed two many lines and insulted me and my boyfriend. I’m 18 years old and was told at 18 i could get the money, Im moving to illinois with my boyfriena and im getting an appartment and going to start college. The money would be a great help for my life and would be great help for me and my boyfriend (Fiance) I will need a car and need help paying for college and ill be able to pay 3 months of rent in advance which will give me time to searchh for a job and good school. I just dont know how i would go about getting it. Is there someone i call? Or do i need to talk to my aunt? My aunt told me she wont give it to me anymore because we got in a fight, But it was my uncles money and he left it to me so who is she to say i cant have it? I need to know how i can go about getting my money so i can put it in savings and start my life.

please help!!

admin answers:

When someone dies and they have a will, the executor is required to ensure the terms of the will are followed. IF your uncle truly left you money in his will, your parents would know. Ask them what to do.

Your aunt doesn’t get to decide if you get the money or not. IF it was in the will, it’s yours. You just need the right person to go to bat for you.

Mandy asks…

The Passing, Left 4 Dead 2 DLC?

Ok, I know the basics to the new DLC announced by ValvE such as all the Survivors coming together for one campain, but what I would like to know is some more info. I know where its set (in the middle of Dead Center and Dark Carnival). They annonced new weapons, anyone got an idea what they might be? Thanks 🙂

admin answers:

Dead center
dark carnival
hard rain
swamp fever
the parish.these are the campains.
Weapons-ak47,m16,two sniper rifles,3 shotguns,2 smg,melle weapons-katana,sword,axe chainsaw,a desert eagle pistol,2 regular pistols
grenades-pipe bomb,molotov,bile jar

Sandra asks…

Improper passing on the left?

Here is the whole story:
I was pulling out of my local high school behind a school bus. We both drove to the median of a turnaround between a boulevard. The turnaround (which is a straight lane that can fit three cars abreast) does not have a white line separating the two lanes, so by law it is considered one (enormous) lane. I was to the left of the bus, which got there a second or two before me. The bus driver, without looking to her left (I have a witness that can confirm) began to turn left but did not turn wide enough, scraping the front of my car and forcing it partially under the bus. I was stopped next to the bus at the stop sign the whole time. I was served a citation for „improper passing left“ because I went next to the bus on a „one lane“ road. I was not in front of the bus at any time. I live in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Please explain who is at fault and of what citation I am guilty.

admin answers:

The bus has the right of way since it entered the turn around first. Since there are not any lane markers, you are correct, it IS just 1 big lane. You must yield to buses and semi’s that make extra wide turns and have larger blind spots.

Although, I am not sure why you got a ticket, I’m sure your deductible is punishment enough.

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