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Joseph asks…

Where can i play online poker freerolls?

Since pokerstars is gone im looking for a place that has a lot of free roll tournaments i have odds maker and luvin poker not a whole lot of freerolls where can i get some freerolls.

admin answers:

Freeroll poker tournaments are tournaments that cost nothing to enter, but they give you the chance to win real money. These tournaments often do not offer vast amounts, but they can help new players build a bankroll. More importantly, they can help players learn how to play the game, because play is generally more realistic than play money tables.

Well you can do a lot of sites and i have been playing for around 5 years and it is something I still do when I have any sort of time.

If you are looking for some good rooms check out this site,

I use it all the time for some reviews and different tips.

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

I want to find a good online line poker site, that offers in download add ons like % and pot odds, any ideas?

that offers in download add ons like % and pot odds, any ideas?

admin answers:

Why did you write half of your question over again?

Steven asks…

Could someone please explain to me what Pot Odds means in online poker ???Thanks?

admin answers:

Pot odds equal the current size of the pot divided by what it costs for you to make your call. So, if someone bets $10 making the pot $50, it will then cost you $10 to play. Pot odds are now 50/10 = 5, you are getting 5:1 pot odds.

This comes into play in many situations, but here is an example of how you would use this. Let’s say on the flop you have a flush draw, someone bets $10 making the pot $60. Pot odds are 60/10 = 6 or 6:1. Now you are approx. 4:1 to hit your flush, 13 cards to a suit and four of them are in play between your hand and the board. That leave nine outs for you to hit. 52 (cards in a deck) subtract 5 (number of cards you know are in play) = 47 (cards left in the deck), now take 9 (number of outs you have to hit your flush) divided by 38 (cards left in the deck that don’t help you) = 4.222. You now know that you are 4.222:1 to hit your flush and the pot odds are offering you 6:1 and you should at least make the call. As long as the pot odds are offering you more then the odds of making you hand, then you should at least call.

All you asked about were pot odds. Once you get those down you should look at the link I provided because it also goes into implied odds, reverse implied odds and other parts of playing.

Hope this was helpful and Good Luck at the tables,

Sharon asks…

hiya, i want to know if there is a poker site that can tell me the odds of any two cards have heads up?

for example pocket 9`s against jq hearts? before the flop?
( yes i lost to jq ! ) many thanks to those who answer, as i need all the help i can get!!! ta : )
soz texas holdem nl

admin answers:

Card Player has a simulator. You can put in the starting cards and even the flop and turn if you want, and it will calculate the odds like they do on TV.

Donald asks…

what s the best free „real-time“ pot odds calulator for online poker(full tilt)?

admin answers:

I’m using this one:

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