Your Questions About Tournament Of Roses

Mandy asks…

Which t.v. network has good coverage of the Tournament Of Roses parade?

admin answers:

Usually it’s on all 3 networks, just at a different place in the parade. Al Roker from the Today Show on NBC will be hosting, so you can for sure catch it on NBC, but seems to me it’s on all 3 networks usually.

Laura asks…

wats the „tournament of roses parade“ like?

next year, im gonna be part of it……wat’s it going to be like? is it fun?

admin answers:


Richard asks…

Macy’s Parade or the Tournament of Roses parade?

which is better?

admin answers:

Macy’s! It’s the beginning of the Christmas season, and I love New York city!

Steven asks…

Are you planning to go see the Tournament of Roses parade in Pasadena, CA on New Year’s Day?

admin answers:

Would like to but no

Joseph asks…

What is a good solo piece for clarinet auditions?

I’m auditioning for the Tournament of Roses Parade and I’ve never auditioned for anything before and I need a super awesome solo piece, to nail the audition.
I’m pretty good, I’m section leader for my high school, so I can learn almost anything in like 3 weeks…(thats the audition)

admin answers:

The 3 Stravinsky solo pieces are very cool, but quite challanging. Do you have much time to prepare? Also the Malcolm Arnold Fantasy is a great piece and can sound very impressive if played up to speed. Lennox Berekley has 3 solo pieces to, but I’m not that fond of them. You might want to check them out though. If you want something very avant garde, take a look at Luciano Berio’s lied – it’s shorter and easier than the sequenza, but you could take a look at that too if you like. Then lastly, there’s a solo piece called Arlequin by Louis Cahuzac which is not very well known, but it might be a good choice for you if you can lay your hands on it. Either that or the Arnold.

Besta luck with the audition! X

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