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Ken asks…

For online poker players?

Are there any free sites that will give me odds when the pocket comes out, middle cards etc
I don’t WANT playing sites like betfair, 888, ladbrokes … I want SITES that tell me the odds of winning each hand

admin answers:

Sandra asks…

How much money have you made or lost at online hold ‚em, and whats your skill level?

1. How much did you put down initially?
2. What is your skill level?
3. How much have you won or lost?

Expert is expert, Intermediate knows oddsouts, pot odds, premiums and positions, and beginner would be just going with the gut.

I just wonder if its possible for me, as an intermediate player, to actually make some money here or if its not worth my time at my current level of knowledge of the game. So I’m looking for examples.

If you don’t want to give the actual dollar amounts you’ve played and won, how about a percentage? Just trying to get an idea here of whats possible at each skill level. I wonder if I should study up to „expert“ knowledge of odds for each hand (above outs and pot odds) before even trying online poker aside from play money.

admin answers:

I initially deposited $15 on Partypoker. Note, this was foolish and not nearly enough, generally speaking, to have any real chance of building a bankroll. However, I got (very) lucky and won about $400 in a few weeks. Predictably, I got carried away and lost almost all of it over the next couple of weeks.
Well, I withdrew my last $50 and deposited it on Pokerstars. I used slightly more sensible bankroll management (though hardly perfect), and managed to start building a bankroll again.
Since then I have deposited another $100. I have cashed out a total of about $1200 and I have a bankroll of $1100.
All told then, I’ve deposited $115 and won about $2300 over 2 years.

This was almost entirely made playing the $0.05/$0.10 cash games and the 9 man $3 SNG’s, $5 SNG’s and (more recently) $10 SNG’s.
„Skill level“ is a very tricky concept. Relative to the stake I play, I suppose I am at least intermediate, since I am beating them pretty solidly.
On the other hand, if I was to play the nosebleed stakes, I would consider myself to be a complete beginner relative to the majority of the players I was playing against.
Certainly I understand all of the concepts you have listed above, but any fool can learn to calculate pot odds and percentages, it takes more to play a decent game of poker.

Incidentally, one thing you have not mentioned, but is vitally important, is bankroll management. It doesn’t matter how good a player you are, you WILL go bust if you play stakes which are too high for your bankroll. There are plenty of sites which discuss good bankroll management, if you are to look.

As for whether you should start playing with real money, then yes, I think you should. While reading up on strategy is important, it is useless without actual real-money practice. You can’t learn to ride a bike by reading a book, and you can’t learn to play poker by reading a book either.

Your best bet is to deposit about $50 and start playing the $0.01/$0.02 tables or the $1 SNG’s.
Since you are clearly willing to put in the effort to improve your game, you should be able to beat these stakes after a little practice.
Bear in mind, the microstakes are notorious for bad beats. This is inevitable, since they are populated with terrible players who will call down to the river with virtually any draw. But if you put in the volume of hands and have the patience to ride out the bad beats (and remember that the bad beats are profitable for you in the long run), and use decent bankroll management, then it shouldn’t be too long before you can turn a small profit.

William asks…

Is there any online poker sites that have personal ratings?

I’m looking for an online poker site that has ratings for players.

I’m sick of playing on sites that is full of people that go all in constantly. Then just add more money when they broke.

If there isn’t a site out there like this, I believe we need one. It would make free play online poker fun if there was concequences to going all in all the time. If you had a rating based on win vs loss of money it would work. The odd person might get a good rating for a short while if they played all in all the time, but it would eventually drop below average after law of chances sorted itself out.

admin answers:

Sharkscope gives you a few free searches per day, IIRC. But if you manage your bankroll properly, you’ll end up beating the bad players who suck out in the long run. Even the not-so-long long run. I’d recommend just sitting back and enjoying the free money!

Betty asks…

Do you think most people that play poker for a living are losers?

I can’t stand them. They always act like they have the odds in casinos figured out, and rag on people that play slot machines or the lottery, even though they are the ones stressing themselves out every night, somethings getting down hundreds and only coming up a few bucks every night. Instead of getting a real job, they prowl the country looking for easy marks. When they run out of money, they steal or beg some sap that lets them work whenever they want to for a few hours. Most of them look positively strung out.

Why would anyone want to do that for a living?

admin answers:

As much as I love playing poker, I agree with you. They seem to lose more money than win it. And you’re right, they need to get a real job.

Joseph asks…

Poker Question- What would you do in this situtation and why.?

I am third to act out of 8 with Ace King suited. I raise 3x the big blind. The guy who is on the button raises all in. I have him covered.
The guy in the big blind then reraises all in, and I barely have him covered. Do I call or fold?

My thoughts before I did call were this.
I knew I was against Ace something and probably a pair. The hand that I was most worried about was ACE ACE, but since I had the other Ace, I felt that the odds were very low that it was the case. It would then most likely be a race situation and I would triple up if I called.

What actually happened-
Button- Had Jack Jack
Big Blind- Had 4,5 offsuit- Dont ask
I was new at the table, so unfort I did not know if the player was tight or loose.

The flop came out 8, Q, 6 all differnt suites

Turn is a 2
River a 7
It was a real money table, pokerstars. Some of the guys at the table thought that the guy who called with 4,5 was a bot. I tried to get him to talk, but he didnt, so who knows.

admin answers:

Tough call against 2 all-ins. If the slick wasn’t suited, I’d have chucked it without a thought, but with them suited to boot would definitely have thought about it. The decider for me would have been the situation overall regarding position in the tournament (whether already in money, closeness to bubble, etc.).

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