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Donald asks…

How many rats can my cage hold?

Okay, so right now I have 3 male ratties, and I am soon getting another pair. However, I need to check and see if I am going to use the cage I have right now, or getting a new one that is bigger. The cage I have now is 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet in length. It has two actual levels in it, not just ramps. How many rats can comfortably live in this cage? Do you think it can hold the 5 male rats happily? Thanks! And also, I already did the rat calculator and it was kind of confusing so that’s why I’m asking on here.

admin answers:

Kara, neither gender of rat should be kept alone. They do NOT need to be kept separately.

If introduced correctly, slowly and on neutral territory, most rats will bond as a group with new rats.

When using the cage calculator

I usually switch to the 2.5 cubic feet per rat, as I find the results from the 2 cubic feet, which is the minimum space you should allow, to be a bit on the crowded side.
With your dimensions it recommends this size for up to six rats.

Robert asks…

What buttons on the calculator do u need to press to raise 1.009 to the 3,650th power?

weird but its an actual question very odd

admin answers:

There should be a x^y button

Daniel asks…

what is a fast way of finding answer? Division? I have a list of numbers and need to find out which numbers 4?

I have a list of numbers and need to find out which numbers 4 can go into evenly. The numbers are in the 1000s

What is a fast way I can find these answers out [besides using a calculator]
Also how is short division done?? Please help!

admin answers:

There is a super easy way… Assuming that by „numbers 4 can go into evenly“ you mean which numbers are divisible by 4.

First, eliminate all odd numbers right off the bat. That is the first requirement.

Then, divide the remaining numbers by two and elminate all odd numbers.

All the even numbers will then be divisible by two and because these numbers were originally divided by two, they will also be divisble by four.

Mark asks…

How do you approximate the sine of an angle?

Without a calculator.

admin answers:

Use the Taylor Expansion. If θ is in radians…

∑ (-1)^n θ^(2n+1) / (2n+1)!

The higher t is, the more accurate you will be.

In fact, for the highest degree of accuracy, you should keep θ as close to 0 as possible. For you higher up mathy types, this is because we wouldnt be using an infinite series. So, if you need to find the sine of, say, 796°, reduce it as much as possible using the rules of trigonometric relationships to the smallest possible value. Then of course, use radian measure.

The above expansion/series would look like this when expanded:
θ^1/1! – θ^3/3! + θ^5/5! – θ^7/7! +…

The exponents are odd numbers. The denominators are factorials of the same number as the exponent. And the sign on the term alternates between positive and negative with each term… Adding a little, subtracting even less, adding even less than that. Its a pretty cool equation.

In case youre wondering, the expansion for cosine is the same, except use even numbers instead of odd, starting with zero.

If you have a graphing calculator, I recommend doing a little experiment. Plot y=sin x, in radian mode. Then, plot progressively more and more terms of the expansion. First, plot y = x. Then plot y = x – x^3/6… Then plot y = x – x^3/6 + x^5/120… So on, so forth. Watch as the expansion grows and molds itself perfectly to the sine wave.

Lizzie asks…

How do you find the geometric average?

How do you find the geometric average of: 13,18,26,-13,4

I am using a TI 84 calculator.

admin answers:

Find the product of all the numbers in the set.
Then take the nth root of the product (where n is the number of numbers in the set).
On your ti 84 you can do this by raising the product to the (1/n) power.

You can take the nth root of a negative number if and only if n is odd

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