Your Questions About Bestec Power Supply

Mary asks…

Has anyone else had problems with Bestec brand power supply units?

I’ve owned an e-machine and a hp pavilion and both had a bestec psu that failed. The e-machine version fried the motherboard and luckily the hp was salvaged with a replacement „FSP Group“ psu unit. I have owned a Medion brand computer for 12 years and its psu (which is FSP Group) lasted a solid 12 years. Also does anyone know if HP uses Bestec in all their pavilion models?

admin answers:

I know eMachines have a problem with failing power supplies and at times it will fry the MB. Did not know HP uses Bestec, but they are cheap Power Supplies. FSP Group is a good power supply for the money.

Lisa asks…

What type of power supply should i replace in place for my old one?

I current have a Bestec atx-300-12eb3 with my Gateway 504GR

I need a replacement because it died/ stopped working and i need assistance in trying to figure out what type of power supply i should replace it with. To be specific, im looking for a power supply that can support playing online games. for a the price range probably 30-40 USD, maybe 50 but kinda pushing it. I’m not looking for high end performance power supply obviously, but just one that can do it’s job plus a little more.

Specs on the Bestes atx-300-12eb3:
-300W max
– 50/60 Hz
– ATX Form factor
– 6″ Wide X 3.5″ Tall X 5.5 “ Deep
– One ATX 2.03 connector (24 pin)
– One 12V connector for P4 motherboards
– Three IDE 4 PIN connectors
– One Floppy 4 PIN connector
– Three SATA connectors
– One PCI Express connector
I don’t know much about PC buildings so my decisions are a bit iffy, but that’s why im asking you guys for guidance. These are some that i found interesting and probably would work(?)

(These prices do not include tax)

Highest (~$51.00) : Corsair Builder Series CX430 –

2nd Highest (~$40.00) : Cooler Master Elite 460 –

3rd Highest (~$30.00) : Hec HP48SD –

4th Highest (~$20.00) : LOGISYS Computer PS480D-BK –

admin answers:

Throw that old P.O.S away and get something made within the last decade, preferably something made within the last 2 years

Jenny asks…

Can i switch power supply cables ?

I recently replaced my 300W Bestec power supply with a 600W corsair power supply.
the 600W electric cable (the one that goes to the wall outlet) is too short, can i use the power cable of the 300W power supply ?

admin answers:

Yes…all psu cables are interchangeable…all are 3 pronged..have been sence the 80’s…..some psu makers don’t even include them with new psu’s figuring you’ll have a extra laying around

EVEn you monitors cable well work..

Linda asks…

How many watts are in a Emachines?

Dose any one know how many watts are in an Emachines w3623 power supply.

admin answers:

It’s one of these two. The Delta brand is better than Bestec –which means (according to Murphy’s Law) it’s most likely a Bestec.

# 300 Watt 20 Pin (with SATA Hard Drive Connector)
# Delta Model : DPS-300AB-15B REV:00F
# Bestec Model: ATX-300-12E REV:D1R

Open the case, and read the label right on the side of the power supply if you want to confirm the part number.

The ATX-300-12E has only 15A on a single +12V rail, which makes it pretty much useless for any kind of video card upgrade.

Robert asks…

What is a quality PSU 400w or greater that will run on my HP Pavilion a1677c?

Im looking for a new power supplier for my PC (to accomodate a new graphics card) and I am at a loss to finding out how to know if one is compatible with my PC. I would like to know a suggested model for a PSU for this computer and if possible, a way to tell if a PSU is compatible with a computer.

admin answers:

ATX Form factor
6″ Wide X 3.5″ Tall X 5.5″ Deep
If your new card needs 6pin or 8pin pci-e connectors make sure it has those

This is the replacement PSU for your model – it is in the list
use as guide for dimensions and connections needed

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