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Carol asks…

What is the best type of dog food to feed a pitbull puppy?

I just got a pitbull puppy and it is 9 to 10 weeks old. It seems pretty small and i dont think i am feeding it the right food. The owner before me that had the puppies was keeping it on puppy chow, so i thought i would keep it on it, but it is kinda skinny. I saw one of the brother to it and it is alot bigger hight wise and in muscle tone. Also how much should i feed a pitbull puppy a day?

admin answers:

Things to avoid:By-products,corn,wheat,soy,grain and anything labeled meat meal,if a dog food brand cant tell you the exact source of meat thats in the food than pass on that food,meat meal could mean anything and it has been heavily rumored that meat meal contains euthanized livestock and even pets.

I like a food that has antioxidants in it(like Blue Buffalo) and one that clearly states what is in the food.

This is a list of food I consider to be healthy and of good quality.
Taste of the Wild
Natural Balance
Simply Nourish

Lisa asks…

How can I convince my Mom to get me a pitbull?

I’ve tried everything to convince my mom that a pitbull would be good for us. Shes too stubborn and doesn’t even have any other reason other than shes just scared of them. Now I don’t want some big block head one either. I’ve seen small pitbull that if she would just look at she would be fine with. I’m really just stuck.

admin answers:

You should have her watch this video and study the breed. Also – raise pit bulls from the time they are puppies so that YOU are the one who trained it correctly.

Pit bulls are nothing to be afraid of – they were actually used as Nanny dogs by families in early 1900’s because they were so safe and protective of small children! They make WONDERFUL therapy dogs for children and the elderly and have to pass rigorous behavioral tests to become a certified therapy dog!

There are good and bad dogs in every breed – most of the bad comes from abuses animals and poor training, not genetic make-up! Pit bulls are bred to be compassionate with people, never ever to harm them. They were bred to be aggressive with other dogs – not people. Never people!

Have your mom study more about them. It really opened my eyes as a mom and dog owner! I think they are GREAT dogs! I would raise one as a pup though!

Robert asks…

How do I get my pitbull pups to stop being so human aggressive?

They’re both 7 1/2 months old and male and female. I don’t under why they’re so human aggressive – they lunge at everyone who passes by. The female is a bit fearful of strangers, but the male pup hasn’t ever really had a problem with them. Right now they want to rip apart anyone.

What I find peculiar is that they show very little aggression towards other dogs – what APBT’s are known for. Anyway to solve this problem. There aren’t any trainers within dozens of miles of where I live.

admin answers:

I would walk them seperately for several weeks and give them treats when people are about to pass by. Positive reinforcement works best with Pits ( I have one). They seem to be in pack attack mode. I suspect your male pup is taking his cues from your female’s insecurity and fear. He is young so when she broadcasts I am afraid…danger…danger…he wants to protect her and you. You will also want to work on being their leader. If they feel you are in charge on walks or elsewhere, they will be less likely to feel the need to be the boss.

Donna asks…

Is it legal to bring american pitbulls across in UK?

I do know, that it is legal to have a pitbull in UK as long as it has been kept according the law, but what if I need to bring one across, can I really do that at any conditions?
abt question why do I need a pitbull:
I am the owner of the one at this moment, but my dog lives not in the UK.

admin answers:

Sorry honey but you can not bring it into the country, pitbulls are a banned dog here and if you bring it in as soon as your dog lands it will be ceased and destroyed, it would be really hard but if you are planning on moving to Britain then the safest thing for your dog would be to find it another home where it will be safe, the law on keeping pitbulls was if you had one when the law was passed you could keep it as long as it was declared with in a two week time limit, it was neutared and kept on a muzzle when out in public, breeding was banned all this was done to let the breed die out in Britain, only registered pits were allowed and any not registered were destroyed now the only ones left are either old dogs or the ones kept hidden but they will be destroyed if found, it is sad as it was not the dogs fault but the owners who spoilt the dogs reputation. I know this is not what you wnated to hear but at least you now know before you atempt to bring your dog over here.

John asks…

What is the Normal wieght of a pitbull?

I have a 7 month old Male pitbull and he is Currently 75.4 pounds and he is not Over weight he still has a waste said the vet. The vet didnt believe he was 7 months old, she actually thought he was full grown until she pulled out his paper work. At 8 weeks he weighed 17.3 pounds, at 4 months He weighed 42 pounds, and he is now 75.4 pounds at 7 months. His sire was 5 years old and 125 pounds and mother was 3 years old and 85 pounds. Idk how big he will get but my guess is between 125 to 85 pounds just going from the parents. But what is the normal weight for a Pitbull?

admin answers:

An actual American Pit Bull Terrier does not often exceed 60lbs, and usually heir on the side of 30-50lbs, but can be bigger depending on bloodline. REAL Pit Bulls are long legged, athletic dogs.

This is what an American Pit Bull Terrier looks like

American Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a whole different breed, in both structure and personality, although i’ve seen some very well conditioned Am Staffs that could pass as APBT’s. Generally they are somewhat stocky, but well proportioned, fairly large heads, and they weigh about 50-65lbs average. Below are what an Am. Staff looks like

Then we have the American Bully. The American Bully was originally supposed to be a mix of APBT and Am. Staff, but their are so many idiot Am. Bully breeders out their that their are all sorts of things mixed in…cane corso, bulldog, french bulldog, mastiff, etc. It’s ridiculous. These dog’s vary in size, but some people breed them BIG as in 80-100+ lbs. My bet is that this is what your dog is. NOT a pit bull, but an American Bully, or frankly put, a mutt.


So their you have it. Your dog is NOT a pit bull. No REAL pit bull is over 90lbs. I just gave you a tiny lesson on the common bully breeds, and what a real pit bull is. Your welcome.

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