Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Nancy asks…

What should I wear with my Betsey Johnson dress?

So I’m attending my school’s winter formal, and I’m going to wear this dress:

Any suggestions for shoes? Hair? Jewelry?
Nude pumps maybe?

admin answers:

Nude pumps with Peep toe!

Jewerly, simple and Hair straight, the dress is enough

Ruth asks…

Do Betsey Johnson rings leave green marks on your fingers?

I just got a gorgeous snake ring by Betsey Johnson and I was wondering if the metal on the inside fades or leaves green marks on your fingers. Thanks! =)

admin answers:


Carol asks…

Is there a Betsey Johnson OUTLET store in New York?

Not like the regular Betsey Johnson stores, but an outlet.
Where they sell her items for marked down prices?

If so, what outlet mall and location?

admin answers:

There are three.

Woodbury Commons in Central Valley, NY
Rye Ridge Shopping Center in Rye Brook, NY
Roosevelt Field Mall in Roosevelt, NY

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck

Steven asks…

what’s the difference between betseyville and betsey johnson?

So I bought a Wallet and a purse and my wallet says bestseyviile and purse says Betsey Johnson lol ive been hearing both just wanna know the difference

admin answers:

They are two separate betsey johnson lines under her designer name. Betseyville tends to be cheaper and is a lot more ‚flashier‘ would be the best word to describe it. Betsey johnson is her original first line and it is more expensive but it includes more clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, and accessories. Her betseyville line doesn’t have as much product.

Jenny asks…

How do you feel about these Betsey Johnson shoes?

Do you find these Betsey Johnson shoes cute or not, I want to buy them but I’m not sure about them especially since they are $129.95….

admin answers:

Omg, they’re darling. I luv betsey johnson fashion. I’d luv to buy a pair of those myself.

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