Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

George asks…

Unlocked cell phones? what does that mean?? Can I use them with any phone company?

I am looking for a blackberry phone, while looking I came across „unlocked“ cell phones, what exactly does that mean and would I be able to use it on my t-mobile contract??

admin answers:

You can use an unlocked blackberry on T-Mobile but it’s likely that not all of the phone’s features will be supported.

Betty asks…

How do you unlock a cell phone if you dont have the code?

I have a cell phone that has a code (which I do not know) Is there any way I can get my phone unlocked?

admin answers:

Try randomly and something will work eventually
be prepared to spend more than 30 mins.

Lizzie asks…

Can an unlocked phone be used as a wifi device?

Okay…i will admit that i am obsessed with if i get an unlocked galaxy nexus do i have to get anything else? I dont need a sim card to make the wifi work and the phone itself right?? And i dont have to pay any extra fees right?

admin answers:

You dont have to pay any extra fees to use wifi feature on your phone. Using 3G/4G data requires additional subscription.

Paul asks…

What Pda Smart Phone for CINGULAR (NO UNLOCKED PHONES) should i get? I have to pay Retail Refurbed Is Ok?

Well heres the Pickle im in, I get the Att Employee Discount, basically i get 2000 anytime mins, unlimited Text, and 10mb of Data for $25 a Month, however i have to provide i my own Phone, So that Means i must pay retail, I can NOT get any unlocked Phones. Must be Cingular Locked ONLY. It must also have a Full QWERTY keyboard, i know off the bat, i do NOT want any Blackberry, and NO Palm Operating System, Windows Mobile ONLY.

So what are my options? Btw Iphone is also ok.

Preferably under $350, No Contracts eithers. I wanted the New 8925 thats coming out, but for $350, i dont think that, that is going to happen.

admin answers:

I have bought a „referbed“ unit, about a year ago, and it has served me, very well.
Word of caution, before you „plunk“ down the money, use it every way you will be using it. I send about 6 to 12 text messages a day, and „wore“ my old one out, the keys got very hard to print. The first 2 I tried, also had “ a touch of hardness“ using the keys( evidently the original owners had used text’s a lot). The third was a charm.
toro gringo

Nancy asks…

Can I buy an unlocked phone and use it to replace my broken Verizon phone, and not rollback New Every Two?

Ideally, I’d like to purchase a $50.00 Motorola phone and use my same Verizon number. My question is: If I do this, will the time I have toward New Every Two be erased, or will they still count it toward my getting a discounted or free phone from them?

I’m only 14 months into my two-year contract, and my line is a secondary line (meaning the phone plan etc are not under my name, but my parent’s).

Any help?

admin answers:

You cant. Verizon does not operate on GSM so any phone you buy can’t be „unlocked“ for it unless it has a dual radio (which almost no phone has) youll have to be a verizon phone and activate it on the network so it will start over every two

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