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Mandy asks…

Can someone please tell me exactly what EV is on pokemon (Read details)?

Ok so I thought it was the things you get when you level up your pokemon (The things it says on the side like Max HP +2). If it is what am I doing wrong? Ok I got this beldum that took forever to get. Brave nature, pokerus and holding a macho brace. I wanted it to get a lot of attack stuff so I battled a ryhperior (Serebii says it gives 3 attack EV) and when my beldum leveld up he only got like +1 attack. If it has brave nature, pokerus and a machobrace shouldn’t it get way more attack stuff?
Yeah I battled 1 ryhperior and it leveld up to level 10. It was the ryhperior at the elite 4. Luckily I saved it before I did that.

admin answers:

Well, I can think of two things that could be the problem.

1) You battled one Rhyperior and leveled up after that, getting 3 EVs. You need, I believe, 4 EVs to gain a +1 stat bonus in that stat, otherwise it doesn’t get any more.

2) For some strange reason, you already have max EVs on the Attack stat, or somehow used up all your EVs in general. I think max EVs for one stat is 255, and max overall EVs is 510. Unfortunately, you can’t count how many you have, so you won’t know.

Try training on some weak-ish Pokemon that give you 1 Attack EV each and see if that helps. Remember, you need 4 EVs for a stat to gain a +1 to it.

Donna asks…

Pokemon Confusion: Blastoise Project?

I’ve asked earlier, about Blastoise
…see ive EVEd up an Adamant Blastoise
its attacks were
Brick Break
Ice Beam

its stats were…
HP 289
Atk: 215
SpA: 192
SpD: 230
S: 201

then again…

I’ve had a blastoise, with the same nature WITH pokerus & macho brace…raised battling the ELITE FOUR

its stats

HP: 311
Atk: 226
Def: 276
SpA: 201
SpD: 256
Spd. 205

On, it said that its stats should be
HP: 320+
Atk: 250+
Def: 350+
SpA: 230+
SpD: 340+
Spd. 250+

now i dont understand…
How do i make MY blastoise get THOSE kind of stats

please help me step by step….

admin answers:

Also(same as guy above), that means you need to completely EV train in EVERY stat, which is absolutely impossible. You can only completely EV train in two stats, with a few extra in another. So only two of your stats could be CLOSE to what it says on serebii. Also, you can only exactly match the stats if you have perfect IVs, which I do for some pokemon but it is very rare.

Could I please have best answer?

Michael asks…

pokemon move rememberer?

on pokemon firered i have a gyradose that i want to learn thrash.

on it said — when i wanted to know what level it learned it on, that means that it sould already know it, or it is programed into the pokemon that it has already known it before it evolved.

so i want to know is there a move rememberer in fire red like there is in diamond, or am i out of luck

also what is pokerus ( what does it do, i already know that it is a virus your pokemon get)
haven’t beaten game yet where can i get mushrooms

admin answers:

Yeah its on like 1 or 2 island you have to trade him 2 small mushrooms or a big one though
and pkrs makes your pokemon gain more exp and gives them 1 ev point after each lvl up

Mary asks…

Ev training question pokemon diamond and pearl?

IF i d these steps will i have a pokemon maxed out in those stats:


1. Use 10 carbos on the pokemon to get 100 ev’s
2. Give it pokerus and power anklet
3. Battle 15 magikarp (1+4multiplied by 2)= 10
4. Thats 150+100=250 ev’s.
5. Take off power anklet and battle 1 more magikarp (with pkrs)to get 2 more ev’s= 252 Ev’s


1. Give the pkmn u want to train 10 protein to get 100 ev’s
2. Give it power bracer and pkrs.
3. Battle 12 gyarados/seaking who give 2 att ev’s.
4. 1 gyara= 2+4 x2= 12………….12×12=144
5. 144+100=244
6. 8 ev’s left….
7. Take off power item and battle 2 gyarados/seaking for 8 ev’s (2×2=4) twice =8!

Battle 2 bidoofs with pkrs to get 4 hp ev’s…

Say the pokemon i used was a dratini with JOLLY NATURE:
IT HAS 31 IV’S IN SPEED AND ATTACK…. and it evolves into dragonite after ev training it

AT LEVEL 100 WILL IT HAVE 367 ATTACK AND 284 SPEED FOR SURE??? because it has max ev’s and iv’s? and scroll down to see dragonires stats…..

admin answers:

Yeah, you will max out EVs following that guide and if you have max IVs then you will end up with 367/284 in those stats.

If you have the power item that gives extra HP EVs or the Macho Brace, then you’ll only need to battle one Bidoof when you’ve finished training for Attack/Speed.

Laura asks…

Pokemon Pearl EV Training: Help with Training my non-legendary Team?

I know that this is long but please can you read these main details of three Pokemon of my team:

Nature: Naughty (EV: Attack)
Level: 93

HP: 291
Attack: 289
Defense: 193
Sp. Atk: 222
Sp. Def: 155
Speed: 211

Nature: Serious (EV: HP)
Level: 62

HP: 268
Attack: 136
Defense: 130
Sp. Atk: 137
Sp. Def: 148
Speed: 104

Nature: Impish
Level: 52

HP: 144
Attack: 138
Defense: 183
Sp. Atk: 74
Sp. Def: 89
Speed: 126

Basically, I have nearly fully EV trained them as they all hold the Macho Brace each and each one of them has also had the Pokerus. So what I would like to know is any good EV training places for each of these Pokemon. Preferably with lots of Pokemon appearing with specific EVs and at least giving out 2 EV points. I know that this can be confusing but for example, if you went fishing at the Resort Area with a Super Rod; you would be able to battle lots of Seakings and Gyaradoses which each give out 2 EV points for attack. But the thing is; I’m getting bored of having to train for hours-on-end battling within the same areas, battling the same Pokemon. So I would like to know where you might train for change, or where I could go to train without using Action Replay. And also, I have a concern about my Arcanine, it’s HP points are stronger than it’s attack points which I am starting to become concerned about. I really don’t want to give him up as I like battling with him, his coolness is maxed out and he also has over 25 ribbons – that’s a lot for a Pokemon! So basically, is there any way of getting Arcanine’s attack points stronger than it’s HP points before it finally levels up to level 100? I already know about the resources on Pokemon Serebii. This question is an easy 10 points for you if you are the most helpful, thank-you!
No, I’ve got some more Pokemon in my team, there are; Lucario, Rachiu(sp?) and Umbreon.

admin answers:

Do you have a friend or family member that plays a pokemon game? If you do, you can battle with them. If not, keep using a poke radar on every place in Sinnoh if you did not catch all of the Pokemon’s that you can catch with the poke radar. If you want to get Arcanine’s attack points stronger than it’s attack, give it some vitamins that boosts attack stat which can be found in your adventure, the Veilstone department store, and with battle points exchanged at the battle tower. This might take a while to do this, but this is how the pokemon game works. There are websites to find your answers somehow. Is this all the pokemon you’ve got in your party?

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