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Mary asks…

Can an unlocked Blackberry Torch 9800 work on the Virgin Mobile network?

I have Virgin Mobile as my phone service but I really like the Blackberry Torch 9800 and I have been finding some on ebay. Could this UNLOCKED phone work with Virgin Mobile?

admin answers:

This answer applies not only to Virgin Mobile, but to Boost Mobile, Net10 and other prepaid networks and systems.

You will NOT be able to make your Blackberry Torch (or ANY other non-Virgin Mobile phone) on Virgin Mobile’s network. It does not matter if your phone is GSM, CDMA or any other type of phone.

In order to use a phone (any phone) on the Virgin Mobile network, you must (of course), activate it through them, and they will not activate any non-Virgin Mobile phone. It also will not matter whether your phone was from the Sprint, AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile, or ANY other network.

It does not matter if your Blackberry Torch is locked or unlocked, it will NOT work, either way.

The only phones that will work on Virgin Mobile are phones specifically made for, programmed and sold on (and for) the site / network … Such as their Blackberry Curve 8530 or the Samsung Galaxy Prevail, to name a few.

The only Blackberry on the Virgin Mobile network is the Blackberry Curve 8530. It is a site-specific, brand-specific Blackberry.

If you could use any phone (or any other network’s phone), with Virgin Mobile, many people would not buy Virgin Mobile phones at all … They’d buy inexpensive used or unlocked phones elsewhere, then go sign up for Virgin, Boost or some other prepaid network.

This is also the reason why phones are often „free“ or so inexpensive on one of the major networks – because they are relying on a minimum Two-Year Contract … Which a prepaid company can not get from you.

Some people Flash or Root their phones, thinking it will then work with Virgin Mobile or Boost (happens all the time). Save yourself the time & effort, it will be a total waste and will render your phone useless.

BE CAREFUL – some people will give you answers, saying „if it has a SIM card should be ok“ … Or „if its a Sprint phone it should work“ … Or „as long as its CDMA you could probably use it“. You see these answers all the time on questions like yours, they are ALWAYS wrong, and seem to be submitted by people who are trying to earn a point by answering some question (any question) with short, non-informed answers.

I’m in the business itself, and (by the way) a long-time user of Virgin Mobile, it’s phones and services. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Richard asks…

How do I block a phone number from sending texts or calls to my Virgin Mobile Phone?

I have a Kyocera Loft, on one Virgin Mobile’s pre-paid plans. I looked the manual over, but couldn’t find a section on blocking phone numbers. I keep getting spam from services I don’t need, and I have to pay for them!

Only answer this question if you own this model of phone, work for Virgin Mobile, or have experienced this same problem before. Thanks!

admin answers:

Login to your online profile. Click phone,apps,and more. On the side click message settings.

Daniel asks…

I want to use a certain cell phone with Virgin Mobile, how do I do that?

I want the Motorola Evoke QA4, but I only like using Virgin Mobile because it is a pay as you go company. Is there a way I can make that phone work with Virgin Mobile?

admin answers:

First of all, it depends on which country Virgin Mobile you are on and what type of technology your phone uses.

If you are in Virgin Mobile France, UK, South Africa or Australia, and your phone has a gsm technology sim card., you have a pretty good chance.

Just have you Motorola phone unlocked, put the sim in and you should be good to go.

If you are in the four countries but no sim in the phone/or phone doesn’t have sims (cdma) it won’t work.

If you are in Virgin Moble USA, Canada, or India, forget it no matter what the phone is. Those three countries use proprietary non sim technology called cdma . They will not allow non VM phones on their system, even ones from other countries. Especially VM USA. They control all phones with a list of esn/electronic serial numbers. If someone has a phone that is not on that list, it won’t work.

David asks…

What kind of android phone compatible for Virgin Mobile would be the cheapest and most reliable?

Well; this is the thing. I bought myself a new Kyocera Event from my local Best Buy. That phone worked fine the first day and the next day it began to glitch up a little bit. I ignored it; thinking „hey, it’s a new phone, maybe I just need to go easy on it and maybe it’ll slowly adjust to the web and all the texting I do.“ but despite my efforts to go easy on it, it only got worse. So I called Virgin Mobile and explained this all to them and they agreed to send me a new phone. I figured that it was just a glitch in that model of the phone. So when the phone arrived in a couple days, the phone was in great working condition (or so it seemed) and I was satisfied, I finally got it activated after a while of sitting on customer service and transferred my contacts and everything. Then this morning, It was still working all right. Then I turned it off on my way to work, put my SD card in the back under the battery, and put the battery back in, and tried to turn it on. And It didn’t turn on. And I charged it all night. So I’ve come to the conclusion that there wasn’t just something wrong with that particular phone, it is the brand. So NOW I’m going to have to call back and explain this to them. And somehow get a refund if it’s possible, and try to get a better phone. Any suggestions?? I’m working in fast food, so I’m on a low budget. So help a chick out guys!!

admin answers:

I use VM and have for years. I have the LG Optimus Elite phone and it works without any problems. I live in Tucson, AZ. No issues works great.

Maria asks…

will a Sprint cell phone work if I put a Virgin Mobile sims card in it?

Ok so I was just wondering if a Sprint cell phone will work with a Virgin Mobile sims card in it? The only reason im asking this is because Virgin Mobile uses Sprint towers so does that a virgin mobile sims card works with a Sprint cell phone.

admin answers:

Virgin is CDMA so they don’t have SIM card and so is Sprint. What you can do is get your Sprint phone flashed to Virgin. You can mail this person ( who can help you get the phone flashed to Virgin.

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