Your Questions About Pokerus Spread

Carol asks…

Can pokerus on pokemon be spread to eggs in your party?

admin answers:

No. Only if both pokemon have pokerus.

Michael asks…

The exact time I spread pokerus?

I know battling spreads pokerus but what if I want to get say 4 ev’s in HP from palpitoad and my deino get’s pokerus after the 2nd battle. Does it have 6 ev’s now in total instead (after the 2nd battle ended and it caught pokerus)? It has no stat enhancing items on it. Palpitoad gives 2 ev’s in HP per battle. I only want 4 ev’s in HP.
Ok I will reset for now.

admin answers:

If you havent already done it don’t try it cause I’m not sure what would happen if you have and you are commited to perfect EVs than what i would do is get and EV reducing berry and 0 out Deino’s ATK stat.

Richard asks…

spread the pokerus?

i have a few pokemon with pokerus id like to spread im trying to keep one pokemon active with it to keep spreading to my pokemon its true it last 3 days ? then its cured but still gets boosted stats but can no longer spread if any one want this please e-mail me or im me i will get back to you soon we can swap fc’s and trade
i was offering one to any body for any thing my fc is 0559 7708 1324
name is ricky leave your fc and name send me a message too or im me check my profile for info

admin answers:

Just have the infected pokemon in your party and battle in the wild
ive heard this makes it spread faster
and yes putting it in the pc will stop the clock but im not so sure it spreads to your pokemon in the same box at least mine dont do that
i dont want one but if you want to battle on lv 50
name GUS
fc 4554 1029 5662

Mandy asks…


I hear tons of YES and a few no.. what’s the REAL answer??!

I don’t like wasting time <3

admin answers:

When infected, a Pokémon’s status screen will indicate it much as it does any other status condition, as PKrs. When another normal status condition, such as Sleep, affects the Pokémon, the Pokérus icon will be replaced. As long as the Pokémon is infected with Pokérus, it can spread the virus to the other Pokémon in the player’s party. The infection will spread if the infected Pokémon is in the main party after a battle. An uninfected Pokémon must be next to a Pokémon infected with Pokérus in the main party for the virus to spread. If Pokémon that have already been infected and cured from Pokérus are in the main party and are on either side of a Pokémon currently with the disease, Pokérus will not spread after any amount of battles. Pokémon that are put into the PC will keep the status indefinitely.

No it does not spread in the box but in the team it spreads……………………

Betty asks…

will someone trade me a pokemon with pokerus that can still spread for a snorlax?

i have pokemon platinum so if you want to trade then i will do it because i dont really want my your friend code if you want to trade.

FC:4297 0566 2813

admin answers:


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