Your Questions About Pass To The Left

Carol asks…

When you are passing somene on a two lane highway do you have to signal twice?

Do you have to signal once to let them know you are passing(left clicker) and then should you also signal again a second time to the right when you go back in. What does the law say?

admin answers:

Any time you change lanes, you need to signal. That is what the law says. So, yes you would need to signal your intention to move to the left lane and then after you pass, signal again to indicate your intention to return to the right lane.

Always make sure your turn signal turns off after changing lanes.

Richard asks…

How can i get a better left hand?

i need a stronger dribbling, finishing, passing left hand
any tips guys?

admin answers:

Start jerking with ur left hand…or go around bitch slapping people

David asks…

Is Xbox 360 DLC attached to your hard drive or your gamertag?

I want to play the Passing (Left 4 Dead 2) at my friend’s house. I have the DLC but he doesn’t. Would I have to take my hard drive over, or can I just enter my gamertag on his system using the „recover gamertag“ feature? Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

It’s sort of half. Someone using their account on your HD couldn’t play the DLC, but then again recovering your account at someone’s house and then trying it doesn’t work. Bring your HD!

*One time my friend tried recovering his account on my XBOX to play on COD maps he bought, but it said he didn’t own them.

Sharon asks…

Native English speaker, what’s the meaning of „pass the rolls“?

I looked it up in dictionaries, but it wasn’t in them.

(The original writing)
About good table manners:
I think it’s important to wait to take your first bite until your host begins eating. Unless of course they invite you to begin without them. I think it’s a nice curtesy to be patient. Good posture and no cell phones is also important. So which way to pass the rolls? Pass left or pass right?

admin answers:

There is a plate of bread rolls on the table. It’s polite to pass the plate around the table so that each guest can take one. The question is, is it more polite to start by handing the plate to the person sitting on your left, or on your right?

And by the way, in this context the word is ‚courtesy‘, which means ‚politeness‘, not ‚curtsey‘ which is when a woman, as a mark of respect, puts one foot behind the other and bends at the knee, while holding out the skirts of her dress.

Ruth asks…

Is Joe Cole the most underrated player in the Premier League?

Pace, ball skills, passing, left and right foot, shooting. Is he kept down by the „big names“ he plays with, and has he been the best player for England over the last 2 years?

admin answers:

Good shout

I was never a fan when he was at West Ham but the last 2/3 seasons he has been exceptional – Great attitude too!!

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