Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Michael asks…

What does it mean for a phone company to leave the phone unlocked?

So I have heard that Motorola was going to leave their Triumph phone unlocked and a bunch of people were excited, What is this, what will it do for the phone, and how do you do it?
Thank you for looking.

admin answers:

It means that the phone isn’t restricted to one specific carrier and you can do what you like with it. This also means that they can jack the price of the phone up – if the iPhone were unlocked they would charge $500-600 for it.

David asks…

How much does it cost to get a phone unlocked?

I want to get the iPhone, but I have T-Mobile and someone told me that to get it you have to unlock it and I heard it costs money. So how much would it cost to get a phone unlocked in general?

admin answers:

It is FREE!!! Do not pay to get your iPhone unlocked. Anybody that tries to charge you for an unlock is a scam.

To unlock and jailbreak your iPhone use:

Linda asks…

How much would it cost to get a cell phone unlocked?

I have Cellular One as my provider, but I don’t much like the phone selection. I have found a few cell phones that I am interested in off of the AT&T network, and wondered if I could possibly pay to get the phone unlocked. And if so, how much it would cost?

admin answers:

What brand of cell phone?If it is Nokia,SE or Samsung you can put a secret code to unlock it.It’s free…
Search the net for “unlock codes for mobile phones“.
Good luck!

William asks…

How Much Would it be if i switched from meteor to vodafone and to get my phone unlocked?

Hello ,
How Much Would it be if i switched from meteor to vodafone?
and How Much Would it be To Get my phone unlocked i have the Samsung Tocco Lite Black ?


admin answers:

Hi Nadine it actually depends where & how you get the phone unlocked to how nuch it will cost if you go to a local market you’ll always find somethere to unlock the phone phone for you or go to 1 of these shops that sells 2nd hand phones they should be able to do it for you & it will be unlocked there & then for you & it should only cost around £10/£15 to have done ! You may even find a site on the web that unlocks phones but i wouldnt trust them personally ! Just an extra bit of info for you when you’ve got the phone unlocked what you need to do is contact vodafone to get the settings for the internet & mms so that you can access the internet & still send & recieve picture messages … Hope this helps

Sandy asks…

What do I say to a wireless network to get my phone unlocked for free?

I have a Verizon Blackberry Storm 9530 but I have a plan with AT&T. Which network do I call and what do I tell them to get them to unlock the phone for free. Also if there are other ways to get the phone unlocked for free, please include with the answer. Thanks in advance

admin answers:

There are lots of unlocking source avail across the globe,in order to that i found a mobile unlock site just reach and get assist

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