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Maria asks…

What else do you consider in poker when making a descion in cash games?

Before you even get to the table
Bank roll, buy in, structure, can you beat the players at the table, number of buy in you have, can you afford it? Am I playing too high?

Your image
Opponents image
table talk/tells
your stack size, opponents stalk size
your cards, their cards
pot odds
flop texture
betting patterns
Why behind checking- nothing, pot control, trapping, not betting because you will only get called by a better hand, induce a bet, you’re on a draw and don’t want to put more money in the pot

Why behind betting small- Bluffing (looks legit) value betting, blocking bet,

Why behind betting big – Bluffing, Value bet, Represent a bluff (betting big looks fishy and you want your opponent to call thinking you, protect your hand

Why behind raising- isolation, for value, bluff, represent a bluff and get called

admin answers:

Yes. All of those things.

Based on your other recent question, you should also ask, „Do I have the discipline it takes to be profitable?“ Another practical question, (again – based on your last question), is „If I get lucky and start winning, at what point will I have TOO MUCH money on the table?“ „At what point am I risking too much of my bankroll?“ Then, if you are lucky enough to reach that point, you need the discipline to get up and say, „Thanks for the game, boys, but I’m playing over my head now.“

Sandy asks…

Can I become a millionaire becoming a poker player?

I know the odds are stacked against me (ZIIIIINNNNG), but is it possible?

admin answers:

Not likely. There are so many good players in poker.
Beside being good at the game, you have to be lucky.
A great poker player has mastered these 4 basic
strategies. Mathematics, Discipline, Psychology and
risk/reward. Check out this link.

Nancy asks…

How can I increase traffic on my odds comparison website? ?

I have my own odds comparison website. Without blowing my own trumpet I can say it is quite good. I have compared it to a very popular odds comparison site and it offers all the same plus more. I have made it pleasing to the eye aswell.

But still my competition get MUCH more traffic than me, suggestions please?

admin answers:

You have no idea what you’re up against but even saying that this isn’t to say you shouldn’t try. Success of a website has very little to do with quality of content. Google for instance likes to think that if you build a top quality site people will „naturally“ link to you and then you’ll skyrocket up their SERP’s and you’ll be rich. This is perhaps the funniest joke ever.

It would take a large ebook to even introduce you to what you need to know here. Plus most of the real good things I’ve learned have been from trial and error and I can tell you that much of the stuff surrounding SEO thinking is off base.

You’re going to need 3 main things here – proper keyword selection, on page optimization, and off page optimization. There’s a lot of resources on the internet which will help you.

Another thing is that you’re never done with this stuff and those who are get passed.

Good Luck
King Cobra Poker

Linda asks…

Which odds is greater? Lottery jackpot or going through a deck of cards?

I know odds for big lottery games such as Powerball or MegaMillions are 1 in 175 million, what about a randomly shuffled deck of cards that you try to guess the arrangement and it is exactly as you guessed? A deck has 52 cards and it is shuffled randomly and you’ve guessed each order correctly, not just the number(A to K) of the cards but the suits(spade, club, heart, diamond) has to be correct as well, so you have to guess each individual 52 cards in exact order.
What are the odds of doing that? I would say it is much higher than Powerball/MegaMillions odds, isn’t it? And how would you calculate the odds?

admin answers:

If you didnt remember each card you guessed, it would be 52 to the 52nd power. If you did remember ever card you guessed, it would be 52! Which means factorial (52x51x50x49……).

Now, while that would be less likely than the Powerball odds, at least you would not have to spend money on tickets to guess an entire deck.

Seriously, if you want to get your gambling fix in and not lose money, learn how to play poker (well)

Charles asks…

What are the different characters like in The Odd Couple Female Version?

I’m auditioning for The Odd Couple Female Version and I need to know a little more about the characters. Help?

admin answers:

Olive is a tough talking tomboyish girl who is messy and doesn’t care, Flo is a hypochondriac neat freak who can’t forget her ex and can’t seem to have a good time. The poker players are a poker-nut, a cop, an accountant and a small insecure gal.

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