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Ken asks…

Compaq presario power supply?

I have a 5 year old compaq with a bestec ATX-250-12Z power supply (HP part number 5187-1099) which has failed.

Can anyone suggest a suitable compatible supply unit for this one as I’m struggling to track down an exact replacement.

Also, how feasible is it to do a direct swap of the hard drive out of this PC into a donor PC? Would this work ok?

Any advice would be much appreciated. (I’m in the UK)

admin answers:

Swapping out the hard drive and putting it in another PC will work just fine if you do not boot from it, meaning adding it as an aditional hard drive and not using the windows version from the drive you are adding to start the PC up

(doing that sometimes works, sometimes it doesent, your windows will either start up and discover all sorts of new devices or it wont even start and keep rebooting)

If changing the power supply, these can be swapped out from any other PC, it is not a HP specific part.

The PSU will be connected with an ATX connector to your motherboard

and optionally a 4pin CPU power connector

If it currently has a 4pin cpu power connector attached you will need to find a PSU with one, as your PC will not start without it. (if it doesent have it but you get one that has them, just dont connect them and it will work)

These power supplies are very commonplace because of their age and wil not be hard to find or expensive second hand

Laura asks…

New radeon 5770 and Dell PSU?

Hello everyone, i purchased a dell studio 540 which comes with a Bestec 350W(with 6pin)psu. I want to know if the new Radeon HD 5770 is enough to support it since i heard it only requires 108w at load. my cpu is q6600(no ocing) and only 1 HD. Some ppl say I need at least 500w others says i’m fine. I’m confused, i mean do I really need THAT much power?

admin answers:

There is some wiggle room when it comes to PSU requirements, but a 100 watt difference is substantial. Also the PSUs that are put in mass-produced PCs are notoriously weak. ATI recommends a 450 watt PSU as a minimum. I would definitely see about getting a more powerful PSU.

For what it’s worth 450 watts is pretty mild these days. Most gaming computers will have 700 watt PSUs or better. I have an 850 watt Antec PSU for my gaming rig.

Linda asks…

can i fix my power supply?

I have an emachine, that i think the power supply is not doing its job. I don’t have any money now, so I am wondering if anyone knows anything about them to repair? Its a Bestec ATX-250-12E

admin answers:

Hi there:
You state that you do not THINK that the emachine power supply is doing its job
What are the characteristics that you find that lead you to this conclusion?

In any event – opening up your computer case and cleaning the fans, the heastinks, and all the dust that collects, may be all you NEED to do. As the heasinks in particular get covered with dust, the power supply and CPU overheat- can you can severely over stress the otherwise „working“ parts.

DO- take apart your power supply and blast it with air after using a screwdriver or pencil to block the fan blades from turning. Use a damp cloth on a screwdriver to clean areas that air will not clean. Just disconnect the power supply cord before cleaning.
Again, there are usually 4 screws holding the fan on the CPU heatsink, which you remove, and make certain the fins on the heatsink are all clean.

I do repair power supplies, but “ repair“ WHAT? You are extremely vague. IFit isnt broke, you can’t fix it. If your computer is working, what makes you think that the power supply is “ not doing its job“. If the power supply was not working, your computer would be totally DEAD…
The Bestec 250 would normally keep an off the shelf machine going quite well, — I HAVE seen power supplies PACKED solid with dust, and they blew both the power supply and the Motherboard. If you ADDED all sorts of stuff on your eMachine without upgrading the power supply to match, then you would run into problems.. You do not state what you did, or what the problem is. CLEANING everything in your computer can make a huge difference alone. “ Repairing “ a power supply would mean that something is broken, and you do not state what is broken.

Post back a note explaining the problem and people will be able to help. Did you add devices or anything to your machine? Is the machine DEAD? Have you looked at the heatsinks on the CPU and power supply and are they packed with dust?
Carefully taking your machine apart and cleaning it is trivial, but if it is packed solid, will make the machine run as efficeintly as new.
You could also have SOFTWARE problems with Windows XXX ( you do not state which ) slowing down to a crawl with dozens of programs running at boot up ( bad) and huge TEMP folders filled up with hundreds of megs of garbage, and spyware and adware and other pests slowing you down – in which case you need to do a complete FDISK, FORMAT, reload windows, and
install Spybot, adaware, firewalls, and anti virus, and start over.

Please post a note to describe the actual state of your computer, and what is wrong. I would put “ repairing“ your power supply at the BOTTOM of a long list of things to do FIRST.
Once a power supply is SEVERELY damaged, it is probably not worth the effort to fix it – I just overheated the power supply on the machine I am typing this on, and just put in all new capacitors in the power supply and on the motherboard on the 3.3 and 5 Volt
rails. I was lucky in that I caught the problem before it destroyed both the power supply AND the motherboard. The heatsinks were getting covered in dust, the CPU heatsink was getting plugged, and this helped to overstress the computer when it got hot. Just the cleaning alone has this unit working better than it has in a long time – I had no idea that it was as bad as it was, and the dust in the heastsinks was not visible until I ripped the computer apart.
On power supplies I will upgrade capacitors, upgrade the chokes the transformers, add missing components, upgrade the resistors used to burn off votage, add fans, alter the “ silent “ run circuits so the fans run on raw 12 volts, and tweak various other features. If the controller integrated chip is gone, or other high power rectifiers are cracked etc. I just use the parts for other power supplies. My standard solution to a small power supply is to add one or two others – old AT power supplies are free, and with the 12 volt out on the first AT or ATX, going to an off the shelf 12 volt relay ( from a car, a coffeee machine, a microwave, etc. ) you can run any number of other power supplies‘ 110 inputs. The outputs from the added power supplies I route to harddrives, CD’s, fans etc. While the original I use JUST for the motherboard.
You must jump the added power supplies‘ Power Good to the 5V, but this is the only modification really needed. I also cut off all unused leads on all power supplies to keep things clean.

Hope this helps

Please post an update – I will check back


David asks…

Will this power supply be a good upgrade?

I have an HP Pavilion that’s at least 6 years old. I have to buy a new power supply every year! It’s driving me insane and I’m wondering if you guys could help me decide if the power supply that I’m looking at is the right upgrade.

The one that’s in there now (dead)

And the one that I am looking at

I’d appreciate your opinions, I don’t want to spend too much $ on this right now.

So my questions are…

1.) Will it work?
2.) Is it a good upgrade?
3.) Is it good for the money?

Thanks for your time and any information you can give!
I don’t actually have anything extra on this computer. It’s the kids computer so they play kid games and surf the web, a little. I’m just so sick of buying a power supply for this computer that is barely used.

I didn’t even think that Best Buy or Circuit City would have a good deal on them.

Thank you mylilsims!

admin answers:

One think i have learned in dealing with computers is never Skimp on the power supply. It is like getting a heart transplant and adding in a old and sick heart. It just does not do the job.

Personally I would go with a Antec Those have proven to be great PS.
You can get one at New Egg or Tiger Direct for a good price.

Depending on what you have on your system would determine what wattage you would need.
Do you have a extra Video card on it that type stuff. If so the bigger the better
You can actually get an Antec 400 watt for like 50.00 at office Depot. Just be sure not to get True Power Or Smart Power when getting one if you get a Antec.

Cool Master is supposed to be another good brand

They just done a article at Toms Hardware about Power Supplies

Jenny asks…

can this card 9500GT work with my computer?

i have an e-machine

P4—3.00 ghz
300 GB HD
756 DDR2
pci-e 1.0
17′ monitor
300 watt power supply (Bestec)
3-4 additional/upgraded fans

what card do you recommend?

for Gaming and movies

im more nvidia bcause of cuda

admin answers:

P4—3.00 ghz
300 GB HD
756 DDR2
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pci-e 1.0
17′ monitor
300 watt power supply (Bestec)
3-4 additional/upgraded fans

You have a pci-x expansion slot so anynew card will do. But you a 300w power supplies , so you choice are limited by that fact.

GeForce 9500 GT and pretty much is the GeForce 8600 GT , But 950gt require a 350watt psu and the 8600gt requirer 300w.

So your choice was made by your PSU,,,,,,,,8600gt
In Game and else its the same has the 9500gt


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