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Mandy asks…

How does the casino have an edge in 3 card poker?

In blackjack the player must act first and might must…that is the house edge.

But in 3 card poker where the house and the player both get 3 cards, and the best hand wins, I don’t see where there is a house edge. Also, the player gets better than 1 to 1 for his money if he gets a good hand. I don’t see where the house has an edge.
First sentence is supposed to say might „bust“…not „must“.

admin answers:

There are 3 bets on a Three Card Poker table, the are Pair’s Plus, Ante, and Play.

The part of your wager that is „against the house“ is the ante and the play. The house edge comes from the fact that they only pay one of the bets (the Ante) if they DO NOT qualify. That means they have LESS then a Queen High. The edge is from them only playing you with a decent hand.

The edge in the pairs plus is built into the payouts, for example it pays 40-1 for a straight flush, but the odds of getting a straight flush are far worse then 1 in 40 hands.

Maria asks…

Is it more luckly to pick up a royal flush in poker or win the loto?

People might jump to a conclusion saying its the Royal flush but think bout how much more hands are played in poker as opposed to purchased loto tickets.

i think its more luckily to win the loto personally anyone got any input?

admin answers:

Matt is right – royal flush happens alot more times than you think –

if your playing video poker for example – people hit royal flushes all the time –

you have a much better shot at hitting a royal flush on a video poker machine than you do hitting the lottery – now a royal flush is only gonna pay 1,000 on a quarter machine or 4000 on a 1.00 machine

assuming you are hitting a lottery – most state lotteries go into the thousands of dollars and most multistate jackpots like powerball or megamillions start at 10 or 15 Million Dollars

Hence its alot easier to hit a royal flush than win the lottery

If you are speaking of playing at a poker table of say texas hold em or omaha or similar games – the odds are longer of getting a royal flush – but you will probably get one before you win the powerball

Good Luck

Steven asks…

doees it seem strange to be a policeman who gambles and plays poker ?

i mean does that seem odd? to see a cop/policeman going around into cosinoes and gambling a lot?

admin answers:

Geeeezze, some real killjoys on this site. . .

I have enjoyed a good poker game every now and then for all my adult life. I have even been known to frequent Las Vegas a time or two.

I used to smoke cigars, too. And, I still drink the occasional beer. . .

Mary asks…

In Poker what are the odds to get a straight with one card missing in a game of 5 card stud?

If you had a standard deck of cards, but the six of hearts was missing, what are your odds of being dealt a straight in a game of 5 card stud?

admin answers:

That affects the number of combinations for 5 of the 10 straights.

5 * 3C1 * (4C1)^4
+ 5 * (4C1)^5
/ 52C5

= 15(4^4) + 5(4^5) / 52C5 = 16/4641 = about 0.34475%

Paul asks…

What it’s the probability of getting 5 of a kind in the games of Dominoes?

I need to know the odds or the probability of getting 5 of a kind in a hand of 7 dominoes. Please Help!

admin answers:

Most North Americans don’t have an idea that Dominoes it’s a game of odds and strategies, like poker. In fact, they only see they word „5 of a Kind“ and react poker. Furthermore, they only thing they know how to do well is poker and american football, can’t blame them. In other way, latinos play Dominoes very well, including myself, so I developed a program in Mathematica about the hands of the same kind in dominoes. It says like:

DominoManoFallo[r0_, m0_] :=
Module[{repetir = r0, manos = m0, y1, n2, n3, y2, yT},

n2 := 0;
y1 := 0;
n3 := 0;
y2 := 0;
While[n2 < manos, If[
Tally[{RandomInteger[{30 , 33}], RandomInteger[{30, 33}],
RandomInteger[{30, 33}], RandomInteger[{30, 33}],
RandomInteger[{30, 33}], RandomInteger[{30, 33}],
RandomInteger[{30, 33}]}]], 8], repetir] == True, y1++]; n2++];
While[n3 < manos, If[
Tally[{RandomInteger[{30 , 32}], RandomInteger[{30, 32}],
RandomInteger[{30, 32}], RandomInteger[{30, 32}],
RandomInteger[{30, 32}], RandomInteger[{30, 32}],
RandomInteger[{30, 32}]}]], 6], repetir] == True, y2++]; n3++];

yT = (y1 + y2)/2 // N;
Print[yT , " in " , n2, " ", 100*(yT/n2) // N, "%"]]

DominoManoFallo[5, 10000]

820.5 in 10000 8.205%

When you put any kind, the program returns the probababilities of getting that that kind. For example, 5 correspond to get five of a kind, and so forth. In this case it's returns 8.205%.

When you put 3 of a kind, it returns 58%, but 3 of a kind or more it's 73 %
When you put 4 of a kind, it returns 30%, but 3 of a kind or more it's 37 %

6 of a kind 1.4 %
7 of a kind 0.1% (1 in 1000)

I hope I had help you my friend.

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