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Mary asks…

How Can I Organize a good slow-pitch softball tournament?

My team is in need of some money to compete out-of-state, and I heard holding a softball tourney is the best bet. My problem is, i’ve never done it before… anyone got some advice or links?

admin answers:

No links, sorry. But I have some ideas that could work out. What you do is find some teams that would be interested. You organize your tourny based on the teams you have and then you advertise a litte before the tourny. You don’t want to put too much money into it or else you could end up in the hole. Once your tourny starts, you have friends or spouces BBQ up some food and you sell it to whoever wants it. Possibly get some wqater/gatorade and sell it in paper cups. Also, if you get good attendance, you could have a small admission fee. Say you start at a dollar and if people are still interested you raise it as you get deeper nto the tourny. Thats all I can give. Hope you get some good advice and good luck!

Donald asks…

what is a good tournament format for odd number of players?

i am creating a tournament with odd number of players(7,9 or 11), anyone who knows a good tour format? and how it works? a website link will be very helpful! thanks!

admin answers:

You need some byes

Mark asks…

Has a number one seed ever lost in the first round in NCAA Men’s tournament?

March Madness tournament. Also please provide a link to the answer. Thanks!

admin answers:

No number one seed has been upset in the Men’s NCAA tournament, but several number 2’s have been. The most recent was Iowa State.

„Since no #16 seed has ever beaten a #1 seed in the men’s championship, the result of the opening round game is largely deemed irrelevant for bracket-filling purposes“

Ken asks…

what’s the difference between legacy and vintage tourney?

are there any difference on the legality of cards/expansions valid for playing in this tournament?

no links please. thanks in advance

admin answers:

The two play styles have differnt banned and restricted lists.
There is no set or expansion you cant use though.
The lists can be found at If you care to look.
Have a good one bud.

Nancy asks…

What happens to the trainers in Pokemon Black and White 2?

Does anybody know what happens to the previous protagonists from the orignal Pokemon Black and White? Do they also become Gym Leaders? Members of the Elite Four? Champion? World Tournament?
Please provide link if possible.

admin answers:

Currently there’s no info on the players that you played as in Pokémon Black and Pokémon White however they are not of any importance as it currently stands. All that’s currently known is 1 of the players will show up later on in the game in order to look for N, the former leader of Team Plasma.

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