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Daniel asks…

the United States vs the PitBull?

I have one, and had one in the past (best dog ever!) i want to know what people think of this breed…there are lots of misconceptions…do people really need to fear these dogs so much that they need to ban the breed?
And how many of you knew this little tidbit of information~
The American Canine Temperament Testing Association, which sponsors tests for temperament titles for dogs, reported that 95% of all APBTs (american pitbull terriers)that take the test pass, compared with a 77% passing rate for all breeds on average. The APBT’s passing rate was the fourth highest of all the breeds tested.
I am just curious do we really need to eraticate an entire breed because people raise them wrong? Any dog could be raised to be mean…you take a child and nurture that child and help it grow you have a wonderful child, you could take that same child and raise it on the streets and what do you get?

admin answers:

Banning Pit Bulls would be like banning cars because people get killed in car accidents! Who’s responsible, the car or the driver/manufacturer? Any car can be deadly in the wrong hands or if built with defective parts. Same thing with dogs… Any dog. Pit Bulls are no more responsible for the way they are bred, raised and trained, than cars are responsible for the way they are designed, built and driven.
Simply put, the best argument against breed bans is that they are costly and ineffective. Breed bans are often a knee-jerk reaction from politicians who want to say they are „doing something“, after a highly publicized dog attack (of any breed). This is a useless exercise.
Criminals habitually break laws, so having an „illegal breed“ may indeed be attractive to them and might make them want to breed and sell more „illegal dogs“. If their dog is confiscated and killed, they really don’t care. They will just get another one because breed bans punish the dog, not the owner.
In 1991 when the United Kingdom banned pit bulls it was found that even after the pit bull population steeply declined, the number dog bite incidents remained the same. Why? The number of irresponsible dog owners stayed the same. The fact is that dog bites rarely happen randomly to people walking down the street. Most dog bites (77 percent) happen to a family member or a friend. The majority of bites are perpetrated by un-neutered male dogs.
People in this country wants the government to be responable for their actions. So when you give up that much control to the government they will slowly eat away at the rights we hold dear. Make people responable for thier actions and stop asking the goverment to do it. Banning dogs is giving up to the government

Paul asks…

my 10 week old pitbull swallowed a ham steak bone about the size of a half dollar, what should i do?

she swallowed the bone when i was letting her chew the meat off of it, which i found out isnt good for her in the first place. But she swallowed it with some meat on it..and it was cooked. Will she be able to pass it?

admin answers:

Get her to the vet. The surgery to remove the obstruction is labor intensive, very invasive and expensive.
I say is over and over… If pet owners kept their dogs on leash and only fed dog food, I’d be out of a job….

Donald asks…

Are they still looking to kill off (or something along those lines) the pitbull population in California?

I heard about this probably 6mths ago they were trying to pass a bill. I’m worried that other states may follow and hit where I live and I’m looking to get a couple after I build a house.

admin answers:

The current pet issue in California is spaying/neutering all pets except for breeders who get a special license. There is a HUGE population of pits who are taken from fighting homes and put into shelters. Many of these pits aren’t able to find homes and there for put to down. The law they are currently working on would mean that every dog/cat (no matter the breed) in California would have to be spayed or neutered (and I think microchipped but I’m not totally sure on that part) or you’d have to pay a huge fine. I love pits and have fostered a few. It really is the media’s fault for turning them into „evil“ dogs, not to mention the owners who use them for fighting.

Thomas asks…

Nasty puppy question?

I know many of you have had this problem before so i need you to help me. I have gotten a new Pitbull puppy. Well, she is nothing like my other Pitbull that just passed away, not that i expect her to be, but i’m just not that used to having a puppy again. It’s been years since having a puppy. She is driving me nutts. She has to be the nastiest, loudest, most crazy little puppy ever. When at home, i have her kenneled maybe 5 or 6 hours out of the day or more to potty train her. I have to sit there and watch because she poops and pee’s that split second after she’s done eating and drinking. Maybe i don’t have time for a puppy and forgot all about training, but like someone else said that a puppy with no exercise and attention is wayyy better off than being in a cold shelter waiting to die. Not that that’s how i treat her. I love her dearly and never want to let her go. But i just need some pointers. I know that all of my dogs were puppies once and they were never that nasty for that long. She’s been to the vet and had all shots and checkups etc and the vet says there’s nothing wrong with her. it’s just behavioral. Well i am so fed up with coming home to nasty poopy pee in her kennel. I don’t want a backyard dog either. I have even changed her eating schedule and amount to two times a day and i watch her water intake. She drinks about four bowls of water but none after 7 p.m and she always goes to potty after breakfast in the morning before i leave for work and doesn’t get anymore water until i return. Please help me. What am i doing wrong? I’ve always been able to train a puppy out of this. I have had her for 3 months now and i got her when she was 9 weeks old. She’s 5 months old now and should have gotten better with this by now.

admin answers:

Wow…I feel for you, but at the same time that’s what it’s like having a puppy. Everyone has felt this way. It sounds like she needs some strict obedience training and some socialization…especially since she’s a pitbull. As for her going to the bathroom in her kennel…um she’s a puppy! It just takes time. Also, you really should leave her some water while your at work…puppies can get dehydrated very fast. That’s why she’s drinking so much water and having potty problems. B/c she feels like she has to drink all of her water at once b/c she won’t get any for 8 hours while your at work. Just think about it. But I would get her into a puppy class ASAP b/c she needs some structure and socialization. The puppy sounds bored.

Jenny asks…

Freaky feeling left by strange dream…interpretations?

Last night I had a dream that a red-throated hummingbird got into my house somehow. Since he was very fast & fleeting, I tried to find out how he got in, thinking I could lure him back out the same way. I found no open or cracked windows or doors, but when I was outside looking, I saw that I had an overwhelmingly huge flowering shrub of some type, covered with red rose-like flowers. An old lady neighbor drilled me on why I had a hummingbird in the house & warned me, that I should get it out. When I went back in, I found the hummingbird perched on a blind in front of the window and for some reason I thought about my sister, who is fighting cancer. I went to scoop it up and at the last minute it flew to the floor and landed right in between the front two feet of my dog (a white sharpeii/pitbull mix that passed very sadly about 6 months ago) Again, I thought about my sister, as in, she had been through this trying to catch a hummingbird thing before. In between my dogs legs who only looked at it & wagged her tail, the hummingbird did let me scoop it up and for whatever reasons I had a box of ornate and colorful file folders in my arms. I sat the hummingbird on top of these folders and it seemed content to just sit there in between tabs until I could take it outside.

I’m trying to provide as many accurate details as possible, but what has me wondering the significance of the hummingbird being in the house, the surprise of having my passed away pet show up & the ‚memories‘ of my sister having been through something similar. The box, the files, the flowers, the warning & the windows don’t bother me, but may mean something.

Any insights, opinions, interpretations would be appreciated…lol, as all I can think of is the old wives tale about a bird in the house.

Thanks Folks…Peace

Patrick….lol, that’s the old wives tale I was talking about.

Addy…Thank You. You are probably right. Funny thing, my dog was laying when the hummingbird landed between her legs, then she stood…kinda hovering over it without even realizing it was there. When she did realize it, she took one step forward and then looked at me like ‚What should I do Momma?,‘ wagging her tail. For a second I was scared my dog would pick the hummingbird up, but she didn’t…she just stood there.

admin answers:

It seems like you are trying to ground yourself and prepare for the possibility that your sister may die. Seeing your dog shows that she is happy in the afterlife and your sister will be too. The hummingbird (your sister) is content with you and feels safe.

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