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Charles asks…

My emachines Computer won’t turn on. Help?

I have an emachines computer with a Bestec PSU.

When I plug my computer into the electric socket and press the power button on the front of the tower nothing happenes, but there does seem to be some sort of ticking noise comming from the power supply. I am not sure what exactly is wrong with the computer, but I’m guessing that it has something to do with the power supply, but if there is anything else wrong, then I would appreciate some help. Thank you very much.

admin answers:

My mom had the very same problem with her emachines computer about a month ago. We came to the conclusion that it over heated because they never turned it off and my brother flipped a red switch in the back that converts it to a differnet power setting and blew out the circuit board. They had to buy a completely new computer. I would call emachines customer support, but unfortunately, they will probably tell you the same thing as they told us. Good luck!

Mary asks…

Replacement power supply for my pc?

My power supply has just packed in for my pc and i was wondering if anyone knows which model to replace it with?

My old power supply was a King Star KC-250 atx. I understand that would mean that it needs to be a 250W power supply then?

I have seen Bestec ATX-250-12E available on the internet, and was wondering if they would be compatable?

admin answers:

That looks like it would be ok. Anything ATX will work. I’d go for a a higher wattage tho. It’s rare to see a PC with less than 350W nowadays.

250W will be fine if you know you’ll never add more drives or better video/sound.

Robert asks…

question about biztec power suply?

Well had a thunderstorm a few days ago and my sises pc suffered from a power surge, the bestec power supply was fried. Now Im tempted in buying a new one and replacing it as I am in need of a pc andshe’d prolly just throw it out. But Im kinda worried it took other parts with it, any tips on what I should do?

its a bestec atx-250-12z if it helps

admin answers:

Take it into some place, they should be able to tell you if there’s other damage. Most places won’t make you buy if it doesn’t work.

Betty asks…

power supply compatibility PLEASE HELP?

I have a HP pavilion 750n with a 200w BESTEC ATX 1956Dpower supply and a pentium 4 prosessor. I wanted to get a new video card and needed to upgrade my power supply. I was looking at a A-POwer 550w ATX on ebay and an ultra X-Finity 500w on tiger direct. Which would be the better choice and would they be compatible with my computer please help. Thanks

admin answers:

A-Power is sort of unknown in the PC enthusiast community. If it complies w/ ATX V2.2 or 2.3 and has a number of Global certifications (UL, TUV, FCC, Nemko, etc), it could be OK. X-Finity is a fairly reliable brand. If you want something good but cheap, consider the HEC Orion.

Jenny asks…

My computer wasn’t wrking so I switched the power supply on my computer and now it shuts of from overheating?

works fine, but it keeps increasing in temperature until it shuts off to protect itself, CPU exceeded 100 C (200 Fahrenheit)

Its a Gateway 500X

Intel (Yorktown) Pentium 4 – 2.53GHz (533MHz) R2 [Part #2519075]

OEM Power Supply was
160-Watt Power Supply R1 [Part #6500704]

Manufacturer Newton Power Ltd.
Model Number NPS 160CB-1 A REV: 01
AC Input Voltage 115V/230V
Frequency Normal 50/60 Hz
Wattage 160 Watt
Input Current 4 A at 115 VAC / 2 A at 230 VAC

The one I replaced it from came from an emachines s1862
its a Bestec ATX-250-12E

250 Watt
Single Fan
Compatibility ATX 12V
DC Output +3.3V @ 20A, +5V @ 25A, +5VSB @ 2A, +12V @ 13A, -5V @ 0.3A, -12V @ 0.8A

I think its compatible
By the way both the fan on the Power Supply and the CPU work
It is the CPU that is overheating. Having a power supply that has a wattage that is too low can cause this? although the first one was 160, i think that meant minimum. but i think the new one is 250 MAX

This is not a problem of fans, this kind of problem is far beyond proper ventilation, even with the case open in an air conditioned room it was.
By the way, No I have not added or changed any other components. In fact, changing the power supply was the first time I ever opened it since we bought it from Gateway some years ago. It was just a hunch that it was the power supply..

Also, the emachines is broken and I don’t know why. I don’t think it was the power supply because 1) this power supply works and 2) it didn’t work with another power supply..

but on the emachines I did add a 512MB RAM card ext to the 256 it had, but it worked a few months after that.

Both computers were never shut off, I program them to get windows updates and definition updates and run scans overnight and so I always left them constantly On.. How bad is that?
If you click the first link it shows you my exact computer:

the pentium 4 board you know takes an extra connection, it needs that 4 prong one..

the graphics card came with it (the card for the monitor), the graphics card, is not integrated, its a card that goes in the first slot on the mother board:
128MB NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440 [Part #6002191]

and i just remembered that when we bought it (at a gateway store back when they had stores) we made them add a floppy disk drive at the time, and it has both a CDRW and a separate DVD drive.

but the result is the same, no changes have been made. I was actually afraid that the problem was that I had a 160 watt and now i put a 250 in so its overheating because the new power supply is too high, but you people are saying that what it needs is a an even higher wattage power supply
Also, can someone explain how it was apparently working on an even lower watt power supply 160, just fine for a few years?

and I would also like to note that this new power supply has the extra 2nd connection required for a pentium 4 mother board, leading me to believe it was designed to work with it
so there are no compatibility issues with getting a power supply too powerful ? only too low ?
what do have to look at in specifications when you buy a power supply? just wattage and correct connectors?

what about the volts and amps and all that stuff ?

admin answers:

I believe your problem is that you’ve replaced a faulty power supply with a poor quality power supply.

Honestly, I’m amazed your original system was running properly on only a 160 Watt power supply, because 250 Watts seems a little low for what you’re running there. Plus eMachines are not known for quality power supplies. Have you upgraded anything else in your system since you first bought it? Newer graphics cards can put a huge strain on power supplies.

One of my friends was experiencing a similar problem to yours. He upgraded his graphics card and suddenly everything started overheating. At first he tried installing extra fans everywhere, but the system continued to overheat whenever he tried to play a game. Then we checked his power supply and realized it was a noname 200 Watt supply.

We upgraded him to a 400 Watt Antec power supply, and he hasn’t had a problem since.

Power supplies are one of the most important, yet most neglected parts of a PC. I highly recommend you invest in a quality power supply from a well known company like Antec, and don’t settle for anything lower than 400 Watts.

I hope that helps,

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