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Lisa asks…

What is your favorite table game at casinos and why?

I love craps, because there are so many options, and it has pretty good odds. I also like the communal aspect of it. Which table game do you like and why?

admin answers:

Poker isn’t a table game, civil_av8r.

I’ll go with the horrible – Roulette. One of the worst bets in the casino, but if you play the minimum, and are just ordering drinks and there to have fun, it can be quite enjoyable. ANY table game is going to prove to be a losing bet in the long run, so you might as well play something that will give you enjoyment. If that’s craps, and you accept the fact that you are going to LOSE MONEY playing it, then stick with craps. Just don’t ever fool yourself into believing that you’ll be able to beat any table game.

I really like Craps, too. The problem is it goes very fast.

Paul asks…

Poker – What is the statistical possibility of this hand?

What is the statistical possibility of Five of a Kind in poker where Jokers are wild and there are 2 Jokers in the pack?

admin answers:

Without drawing additional cards: 0.00247% or about 1 in 40,500.

There are three cases:
1) draw a non-wild card first then 4 of 5 remaining matching / wild cards
(52/54)x(5/53)x(4/52)x(3/51)x(2/50) = 0.00164%

2) draw a wild card followed by a non-wild card & then 3 more matching or wild card
(2/54)x(52/53)x(4/52)x(3/51)x(2/50) = 0.00066%

3) draw two wild cards followed by 3 of a kind
(2/54) x (1/53) x (52/52) x (3/51) x (2/50) = 0.00017%

Total odds for any of these three is the sum of all three, or 0.00247%

John asks…

what are the odds of getting dealt pocket aces at a 7 handed table?

I was wondering if your odds change of getting pocket aces with 2 people at a table compared to 7 people at a table.

admin answers:

The odds change for ANYBODY getting a pair of aces depending on the number of people at a table, but not of a single player (you) getting pocket aces. The reason for this is that the cards other players receive are indeterminable. If after the first 7 cards were dealt, you could recalculate, the odds would differ.

Anyways, the odds of getting pocket aces are 1/221.


Mandy asks…

What would you do in this poker situation?

Before I am told that I didn’t give enough information I would like to state that this situation has happened before and I don’t remember the exact perimeters so please work with me ..

Several times I have called on the flop and turn with a pair of aces because my opponent may have made a flush .. I come to the river, my hand has not improved and pot odds no longer factor into whether I should call or not? Folding means me losing all the money I’ve already put in without learning anything about the other player, calling just looks like giving him more money because there is a good chance I’m already behind, and raising seems out of the question because again, there is a good chance I’m behind.

Appreciate any helpful advice

admin answers:

So I take it the flop was all one suit and the Turn was a different suit. Then typically I would raise him on the Turn to get info and to charge him if he does have the flush draw. Just calling gives you no info whatsoever and it’s a classic passive-fish play, letting your opponent dictate everything. The river was a blank? Naturally you don’t know what to do on the River because you didn’t get any info before the river like you should have.

What would I do in that river situation, I rarely let myself get into that situation. But first thing I’d do is look at his bet size and look for any tells (I play live not online) as to whether this is a missed-draw bluff or a made-hand value bet. I’d think of how he played this hand, how he played previous hands, and construct a range of hands he could have. Then I’d look at the pot odds and figure out how often my call would have to be right in order to break even. If the call has to be right 1/3 of the time, I try to decide if I’m more than 33% sure he’s bluffing (or betting with a worse hand than mine).

Linda asks…

Can anyone learn how to play poker?

I’m pretty intelligent, but all the stuff to pay attention to seems overwhelming. Reading people isn’t that hard for me to learn; however, remembering how they handled every bet and comparing that to their signals, that’s though. Tracking how people bet under different situations is also tough. Knowing the odds of cards preflop, I could learn that. Knowing the odds based upon the cards on the table, I’m worried.

Sometimes I make a killing, but overall I lose to people who know what they’re doing.

How much work would I need to put into this? Is it worth it? What’s the success rate of people who really really study it?

admin answers:

Go buy this book called „Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book“ it will tell you everything you will ever need to know about poker and how to play it. Betting strategy, calculating odds, etc…it’s all in there. Don’t give up on learning poker. It’s the only form of „gambling“ that gives the bettor an advantage over the house (other players) if he knows what he’s doing.

„Why do you think the same five guys make it to the final table of the World Series of Poker EVERY YEAR? What, are they the luckiest guys in Las Vegas?“ -Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) in the classic poker movie „Rounders“.

If you REALLY want an edge check out my website and learn how to cheat. It takes no skill to learn and the methods used have little chance of ever being detected.

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