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Lizzie asks…

Whats the bestest facewash for getting rid of black heads?

Whats the bestest facewash advialible in australian supermarkets for getting rid of blackheads than dont cause pimples.

admin answers:

That wave doesnt work… Cut a lemon and rub it over your black heads before you go to bed, when you wake wash it off, for a week or so

Steven asks…

What does it mean when a boy calls you his bestest buddy? ?

This boy I’ve been talking to is actually my ex. We only dated a short time. We didn’t talk for over a year and we’re close again. He has a girl friend but he flirts with me a lot and compliments me and is all touchy, etc. What does it mean when he calls me his bestest buddy? I’m so confused around him.

admin answers:

If he’s flirting with you and pays your compliments, he likes you and he always really enjoys your company. You are like the girl of his dreams and his best friend.

Daniel asks…

What’s the bestest top 5 agencies of acting in miami fl. ?

I’ve been looking for the bestest acting agencies in miami but I don’t find any PLEASEE list the top 5 in miami. I want to get notice by WME (William Morris Endeavor) agency.

admin answers:

If you have to ask this question on Yahoo Answers, you probably shouldn’t be applying for any agency for a long time.

John asks…

Since we all agree that Brady is the bestest corterback in the NFL, who is second bestest?

I think that Brady Quinn is the second bestest because he has the bestest firstest name. I saw Brady Quinn at Denny’s. He works there in the off season.
Sarge: this is the football forum, not the baseball forum. maybe your great grandson can help you determine the difference.

admin answers:

We never agreed that Tom Brady was the best, we all agreed that your Tommy Brady blow up dolls were the best

Mark asks…

What’s the bestest Italian restaurant in San Francisco?

I know bestest is not a word… but seriously, i just wanna know the best Italian restaurant in San Francisco. 🙂


admin answers:

I really enjoy Joe DiMaggio’s Italian Chophouse in North Beach. Great atmosphere and fantastic food.

Here is the resturants website –

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