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Sandy asks…

What are the top concert halls in Europe?

My dream is to get a Eurail pass, do a tour of several concert halls, and listen to great music. Let’s say I visit 10. This will be a once in a lifetime trip. Which ones do you recommend and why? PS I also might like to slip a folk music festival in there too. Your thoughts?

admin answers:

The best i have been are

– Royal Albert hall of London
– Barcelona RazzMatazz

In summer time, much better to enjoy open air concerts. In Italy, i would suggest you

– Zucchero concent in Arena of Verona (from 2nd to 7th of June) or Deep Purple on 18th of June

– Italia Wave in Lecce / South of italy –


George asks…

People who have had Warped Tour passes or are familiar with them?

okay so this year i have VIP „voucher“ pass to Warped Tour 2010 Uniondale, NY. I have about 10 bands that i want to see. the VIP pass allows me to go on the side of the bands performance and watch them do their thing but the question is… is it really that good? like is it better than being in the crowd or would i rather be in the front of the crowd than being backstage? oh and what other offers does the VIP pass offer?

admin answers:

I think you get to meet the bands. I went last year and saw All Time Low play.

Sharon asks…

Recently I Launched an inbound tour agency in India? How can I improve my tour package marketing?

I have recently opened an inbound tour agency in India, please let me know how can I improve my marketing of tours package at out of India? How can get more clients from all over world for my tour agency?

admin answers:

9 Inexpensive and Effective Ways To Find More Group Business:

If you want to increase the number of motorcoach tours at your museum, you need to find the groups most likely to book with you. Capitalize on the resources you already have to build a good list of leads. Here are nine of those resources:

1. The list of groups that have visited your site in the past

Tour operators and groups who have already booked with you are natural candidates for more reservations in the future. Keeping good group tour records — including contact names, addresses, and phone and fax numbers — is critical for continued marketing efforts.

2. Phone inquiries that come into your museum

Do you keep a log of all inquiries about group tours, including full contact information? You should. Even if people who call don’t end up booking a tour now, it doesn’t mean that they won’t in the future.

3. Lobby cards, visit evaluation forms and group tour flyers

Individual visitors can be an excellent source of group leads. In fact, if they have enjoyed their visit, they’re likely to be your most enthusiastic sales force. Take advantage of that by asking for their help. Have group tour flyers prominently displayed with a headline that says, “ If you enjoyed your visit to the Yourname Museum, the groups you belong to will, too!“ And on your lobby cards or visit evaluation forms, ask visitors if they know of any groups that would be interested in hearing about your group tours. Include space to fill in the group name and contact information.

4. Your associate group, board, staff and volunteers

It’s easy to overlook the obvious. But before these people can help you build your motorcoach trade, they need to know that you want to build it. Tell them, and ask for their assistance.

Photocopy some group referral forms and pass them out at meetings, along with group tour flyers. Ask everyone to suggest a group tour to at least one group they belong to or know of, and ask them to fill out a form with contact information for that group. You might even consider running a contest to see who can generate the most bookings in three months. There’s nothing like a little competition to get things rolling!

5. Your newsletter

This is a great vehicle to use to let members and others know that you’re actively seeking group business. Consider adding a „group news“ column to keep readers apprised of your progress and new tour offerings. If you list names of groups who have recently visited, send a copy of the issue to those group leaders. Highlight the name of their group and attach a note saying, „Thanks for visiting. We hope to see you again soon.“

6. A group tour page on your website

Devote a complete page of your website to group tour promotion. Instead of simply mentioning that you offer group rates, write a tantalizing description of the kinds of experiences available to groups and what your group tours include. For example, is there some form of authentic entertainment you can offer? Can you provide them with tea on the porch or a candlelight tour? Great. Tell them about it. Also show them how they can turn a visit to your museum into an entire day trip to your area. List some popular nearby attractions, shopping spots and restaurants. Groups are always looking for new and different tour ideas, so the more creative you are, the better.

7. Inquiries generated from special interest websites that link to yours

Whatever type of object your collection is strong in, there are groups of hobbyists out there who collect, study, build, create or paint it. Many of them probably already provide a link to your website from theirs. If not, do some Web searches, find compatible special interest sites, and e-mail their webmasters. Ask them to consider linking to you. Include a brief description of your collection and a sentence like, „Your visitors may also be interested to know that we offer special in-depth tours to collector/genealogy/quilting/whatever groups. They can e-mail for more information.“

Such a communication may not only generate a link, but also a write-up about your tours on their website or in their ezine. (To find out who is currently linking to you, go to AltaVista and type into the search box. The list of results that comes up will be websites that link to yours.)

8. Lists of tour operators who have requested information from your local convention and visitors bureau, regional tourism promotion agency, or state office of tourism

If you receive lists like this, are you using them to your best advantage? You aren’t if your typical response is to stick a couple of brochures in an envelope, mail it off, and do nothing more. Lists like these require telephone contact — and the sooner the better. Before you mail anything, make a brief call to each name on the list that looks like an appropriate lead. These aren’t tough phone calls to make because the recipients have already expressed an interest in your city. The purpose of your call is simply to thank them for that interest, to ask if they have any further questions about the area, and to offer to send them your group tour materials. You’ll be able to tell from the course of the conversation whether or not they’re really potential customers. If they are, add their name and contact information to your permanent leads list or database after you mail the brochures. Even if they don’t book now, they may in the future.

9. Inquiries resulting from press releases sent to group tour industry trade magazines

Send press releases to these publications several months before your major special events, and whenever you have a dazzling new group tour or tour package to offer. Links to major trade publications can be found in our Links Library. To familiarize yourself with each magazine and its editorial style, request a media kit and sample copy. If submission guidelines and deadlines aren’t listed on the website, call the publication and request that information. One last tip: Subscribing to one or two trade periodicals is a great way to learn more about the group market and how you can best serve it.

Hope this helps!

Betty asks…

What is a commemorative laminate and a tour lithograph?

Planning on buying tickets to Carnival of Madness tour, and there’s packages that say, one commemorative laminate and one tour lithograph. Anyone whos been to a concert help please??? I appreciate it, google wasnt helping.

admin answers:

A laminate is something that is laminated, or has a layer of plastic around it. ID’s and driver’s licenses are laminated in clear plastic. So it is probably some kind of backstage pass thing that you can hang around your neck, coated in plastic.

A lithograph is basically a poster.

Maria asks…

How much does it cost to tour Graceland Mansion in Memphis?

How much for the complete tour inside and outside(Grounds)? Was it worth your money?

admin answers:

(1) Graceland Elvis Entourage VIP Tour – $69.00
Experience Graceland like you are a VIP. The VIP tour includes:
•an audio-guided tour of Graceland Mansion and grounds
•a self-guided tour of Elvis‘ two custom airplanes
•a self-guided tour of Elvis‘ Automobile Museum
•a self-guided tour of Elvis in Hollywood Exhibit
•a self-guided tour of Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture Exhibit
•a self-guided tour of Elvis Presley: Fashion King Exhibit
•a self-guided tour of ’68 Special Exhibit
•a special VIP Only exhibit at Graceland Mansion
•Front of the Line Mansion Access
•Special All Day Ticket
•Keepsake Backstage Pass
Average Tour Time: 2 ½ to 3 hours to complete once. You also may make return visits as many times as you would like before closing time.

(2) Graceland Platinum Tour – $30.60
Great way to see the full Graceland experience. The Graceland Platinum tour includes:
•an audio-guided tour of Graceland Mansion and grounds
•a self-guided tour of Elvis‘ two custom airplanes
•a self-guided tour of Elvis‘ Automobile Museum
•a self-guided tour of Elvis in Hollywood Exhibit
•a self-guided tour of Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture Exhibit
•a self-guided tour of Elvis Presley: Fashion King Exhibit
•a self-guided tour of ’68 Special Exhibit
Average Tour Time: 2 ½ to 3 hours

(3) Graceland Mansion Tour – $27.00
The Graceland Mansion tour is perfect for those who are looking for the Graceland experience but are on a tight schedule. The Graceland Mansion Tour includes:
•an audio presentation and tour of Graceland Mansion and grounds only
•a self-guided tour of ’68 Special Exhibit
Average Tour Time: 1 to 1½ hours

Those who love Elvis and have the money to spend think it’s worth it – – just depends on the person.

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