Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Laura asks…

why is it good to buy a phone unlocked and do you insert your own sim card or what give me details?

like whats good about buying a phone unlocked and whats bad. do you insert your sim card or does it come with one. For example if i bought the google phone unlocked would it have unlimited texting and internet. Or is it better to get a two year contract with unlimited texting and internet. Sorry this question is long but i want to make sure its a good deal.

admin answers:

An unlocked phone simply means that that phone can be used with more than 1 cell phone company. All cell phone manufacturers put codes in the phones for the different cell companies, this way the phone usage is billed to the correct phone company.

An unlocked is not a good thing, it completely voids out the warranty and your cell company cannot guarantee good service on it.

If you have AT&T you can only use GSM phones as AT&T operates on the GSM network. An unlocked Verizon, T-Mobile, etc phone WILL NOT work on AT&Ts network.

The only real advantage is an unlocked phone can be used in Europe.

Susan asks…

Can I get an Orange phone unlocked to 3 online?

I have a Orange phone and a Three sim card. How can I get the phone unlocked so I can use the sim with it? Can I did it online or do I have to take it to a shop?

admin answers:

Take it to a local shop that does unlocking – they’ll charge about £10 then you can use your 2 sim in the phone 🙂

Donald asks…

How to set a phone unlock password for the W580i? It should prompt for the password everytime I want to unlock

Nobody should be able to use the phone without knowing the phone unlocking password. Is there an option to set a pwd in the first place for the Sony Ericsson W580i?

admin answers:

What are you hiding?

William asks…

Where can I get a decent phone and how much does it cost to get a phone unlocked?

So here’s the thing I’m on virgin mobile and I want a mobile for under say £70 qwerty keyboard would be good as well and a decent camera say 3 megapixels or more… And roughly how much does it cost to get a phone unlocked too? Thank you 🙂

admin answers:

You can get the unlock code through online……….give your IMEI number and get the unlock code for ur mobile…. I will suggest the website which is doing good service … can approach this website.its cheap & worthy……….you can chk the price range by visiting this website since it differs for every model………
This site is nearly perfect and they were recommended highly in the cell phone forums. I used them to unlock my cell phone. Contacted them and within 30 mins i had my unlock code and my phone was unlocked.
Hope this helps.

Sandy asks…

Has anyone had a phone unlocked by verizon?

I want to buy a blackberry pearl but the current provider is verizon, and I have tmobile. Has anybody successfully had their phone unlocked by verizon? How much did it cost? Thanks!

admin answers:

Verizon will not unlock your T-mobile device to my knowledge. All SIM unlock codes are tied to the particular device IMEI and are carrier specific. The request for that code would need to be made from the carrier that the phone was originally manufactured for (in your case T-mobile). Each carrier has their own guidelines as far as what requirements have to be met before that code will be given out. This is a free process.

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