Your Questions About Free Poker Tournaments

George asks…

I am looking to host free poker tournaments in Vancouver. I need help finding places that serve food n alcohol?

admin answers:

Check the yellow pages for „bars“. I hear they serve food and alcohol.

Ken asks…

How does one acquire a satellite ticket for free roll Full Tilt Poker tournaments?

For instance, live events, free roll buy in’s.

admin answers:

With that ticket you`ll have the abilitity to travel to every single Poker game.
The instance is unlimited.

Greetings The Freak

David asks…

Free online poker tournament with cash prizes?

Are there are poker sites out there that offer cash prizes for free tournaments?

I appreciate all answers =)

admin answers:

Hi Tim, Full Tilt Poker offers daily freeroll tournaments. This means you can make an account for free, and register for the tournament for free, and win MONEY for free! =)

*To download visit:…

Joseph asks…

How do you get into the „free roll“ Restricted poker tournaments on Full tilt

I have seen some open to public but 99.9% of them are restricted how do i get into them

admin answers:

Kronik is right but on top of the regional and privatefreerolls there are other things you might need to do to get into the restricted freerolls like sattelite from the round one of that freeroll. For a list of unrestricted freerolls and some private ones with passwords for Fulltilt and a few other sites check out

Maria asks…

free poker tournaments….just for fun..?

i dont want to pay a penny and i dont want to earn a penny…
i want to ust play in a poker tournament for fun!!!!
10 points for good answer…

admin answers:

If you want to play for fun that is cool I just want to know why you wouldn’t want to win money even it is free? You should know by now that you can play poker for fun and still win money without investing a single penny. I am serious. You can sign up to just about any poker site and begin playing in Freeroll tournaments and the site pays for people who actually win tournaments or place in the top 1-10 usually. I would recommend you check out this free ebook which explains how to build a bankroll from scratch without investing anything. Http:// As for a website to play on it all depends what country you live in. Assuming US i would recommend Full Tilt or Carbon Poker.

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