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Joseph asks…

where can i find absolutely free online poker game?

I dont want to pay for bets and for sing up. i just want to play for fun.

admin answers:

Probably somewhere like

William asks…

Free Online Poker Game?

Someone, please help me! I’ve tried everywhere, but I still can’t find anywhere on Internet Free Online Poker Game (All Poker Games are with real money.)… Anyone knows?

admin answers:

Dude def try pokerstars, great play money system, with real money play also available.

David asks…

FREE online multiplayer poker games…?

i want to play poker for free.. 100% for free.. i want it to be realtime.. and no credit cardss or anything…


admin answers:

Poker Stars

Ruth asks…

Is there any (FREE) online 3D or realistic poker games?

I’m not looking for any commercial pay sites, or pay to download sites. I’m a novice poker player, and looking to play some virtual online computer opponents (not real people). However, I’d prefer the online game to have some kind of atmosphere and virtual reality, so that it’s not boring. Is there any such FREE stuff out there? I KNOW nothing in life is free, but I’m not in a position to shell out money, so no dumb answers like that please 🙂

Thanks 🙂

PS. I’m in the UK
One perhaps with a Virtual Poker tutor, not just masses to read, I think you learn faster if you are taught when you are playing. Just a thought. Please NO multi-player games, I’m not ready to play REAL opponents. I just want to start of with computer players, till I get the hang of it. 🙂

admin answers:

Yahoo poker

Susan asks…

Free online poker sites (see details for question)?

I seem to remember there being a free online poker game a few years back where you could play at 1-on-1 tables. Are there any sites now that allow for something similar?

Just tired of playing at a 10 person table with players who constantly go all-in

admin answers:

Nothing irrates me more than someone going all in the very first hand of a SNG or MTT, knowing that they have nothing. What’s even worse is when they get lucky and win the pot. However, eventually these are the people you want to play against since their talens is so low that they make bad decision after bad decision that will have them losing in the long run.

Anyways, I enjoy playing my poker these days at one site and one site only… Http:// . The site is free to join, and offers numerous daily cash payout tournaments, and never any entry fees.

Plus they are the only legal online US poker room, with over 700,000 members and growing. Give them a chance…you’ve got nothing to lose!

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