Your Questions About Does Any Phone Works On Virgin Mobile

Linda asks…

Does a virgin mobile phone work outside the country?

I will like to know if virgin mobile phones work outside of the country I’m going to mexico and I wad wondering if my phone would work over there it ruins on virgin mobile and its a samsung intercept if it helps 🙂

admin answers:

When you go to another country your phone will usually connect to the local network there, depending on who your network is affiliated with; this is called roaming. Make sure you have roaming activated on your phone or it wont work. Also be aware the charges can be ludicrous!

Sandy asks…

Is it possible to flash a Sprint blackberry to Virgin Mobile?

I have a sprint phone and I wanted to switch to Virgin Mobile & keep my blackberry, is it possible to flash my phone so it works with Virgin Mobile?

admin answers:

Yes you can. I bought an att phone and unlocked it at a repair store, and then placed the virgin sim card in it. It works fine

Charles asks…

I have heard that not any virgin mobile phone will work with a beyond talk plan. is that true?

I want to buy a virgin mobile phone from ebay, however i was told only certain phones will work with the $35 plans, but I have also heard any VM phone with any plan. Can anyone shed some light on the subject?

admin answers:

Some Virgin phones are usable with their Beyond Talk plans, the list is on their site, they also have a program called PayLo that is geared towards talk and text.

Lizzie asks…

Does an unlocked phone work with Virgin mobile service?

I want to try virgin mobile service, and I have an unlocked phone. Do you need a virgin locked phone to use their service?

Please let me know.


admin answers:

No…Unlocked Mobile Phone can be easily use in Virgin Network …or any GSM Network…..You can Unlock the mobile…Using the Unlock code,i unlocked it using the Unlock code here ……… using it T-Mobile USA.

Robert asks…

Can you switch a phone from virgin mobile to us cellular?

I was wondering if i bought a phone from Virgin Mobile can i switch it to Us Cellular?

admin answers:

Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile phones have their phones modified only to work with Virgin Mobile. You would have to purchase a phone from U.S Celluar if you wanted to use U.S Celluar service. Virgin Mobile phones have their phone modified pretty well.

Hope this helps 🙂

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