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David asks…

What online poker sites will give me free money to start?

I was wondering what online poker sites will give me free money to start, and if I need to give them a credit card right off the bat?

I really want to go online and play poker, but I want to know the best site to win money without having to really put any money up.

admin answers:

My brother love to play poker at

He won couple grands last month. Try this bonus code „Boni500“ to get a free $500 deposit bonus.

John asks…

where are the best free poker sites? virus free?

my kaspersky denies carbon and i don’t like full tilt are there any other places?

admin answers:

First, let me say I am not an online gaming user. However, from experience setting-up or „fixing“ associates computers and configuration issues (unrelated to the poker site), I can offer the following info.

Once you have in-place and updated a firewall, advertising & malware blocker/removal program, and anti-virus program you might try a site named „Poker Stars“. My online gaming friends seem to like it a lot.

In assisting about fifteen different folks who use it, I’ve never found any issues with their download module. No malware or viruses nor any mysterious operating system changes/conflicts appeared.

I’ve played about six hours total just to see if any problems were present after installation, update, or other „fixings“. All seemed to be in order in all cases. Hope this info is good for you.

Good Luck to you!

Donald asks…

Are there FREE poker sites where you are rated and they have tourneys that act as feeders for real games?

admin answers:

I’m not sure what you mean by feeders for real games.

Fulltilt has $100 freerolls, and they have Freerolls to get on to the Poker After Dark show and the Aussie Millions.

If you get enough play chips they have play chip tournaments that can win you real money.

Daniel asks…

Are there any free Poker sites?

I’m looking for a texas hold’em site that is free, preferably no download. There should be a chip counter, where you can gain chips by playing in game, kinda like vitual money…any sites you know?

admin answers:

full tilt
cake poke
absolue poker
vulcan poker
Doyles Poker Room
victor chandler poker
william hill poker
bwin poker
everest poker
sportsbook poker
pacific poker
carbon poker
CD poker
playersonly poker
ladbrokes poker
paddy power poker
betfair poker
hollywood poker
poker 770

and this is not even 1% 😀

a verry good for fun poker is a free 3D poker, the best graphics online poker.You will wait to download all game 20-35min but it worth…

Paul asks…

Top Free Poker Sites?

Is there a free poker site where you can play virtual reality. Also play in tournaments. Really doesn’t have to be virtual reality but I would like suggestions on the best free poker sites out there.

admin answers:

Http:// is great, they have „real people avatars“. They also have freerolls so you dont have to pay a single dime to play, and you can win real cash!

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