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Lisa asks…

Do schools have the legal right to ask for my phone unlock code?

Do schools have the legal right to ask for my phone unlock code? Isnt it some privacy issue?
I mean forcefully ask for it, and say they need to have it or they will give me the ban hammer.

admin answers:

No they can not force you to give them that information. That said if your school has a ban on cell phones on campus they can legally take your phone from you and hold until the end of the year

John asks…

How do I get my phone unlocked from abroad? – iphone unlocking..?

How do I get my phone unlocked from abroad? – iphone unlocking

admin answers:

Simple. Buy an android phone.

Paul asks…

Can someone please tell me where I might get a mobile phone unlocked?

I am trying to get an orange (uk) mobile phone unlocked. I have fallen into the hands of two online scammers so far and have been told by a high street shop they want to charge a hefty £45. Therefore can someone please tell me how I can unlock the phone myself or suggest a website where I can get it done (preferably for free) as I am not paying anymore money out to scammers.

Many Thanks


admin answers:

It must be a newer phone that’s why they wanna charge you so much for getting it unlocked, the phone shop near me would probably charge around £30 to get it unlocked. You can buy an unlock code off ebay for about £25-30 depending on the phone, but make sure you buy it off someone with at least 98% positive feedback and who gives you a refund if the code doesn’t work. Or you could try calling Orange and telling them you’re going abroad or something so you need to get your phone unlocked to be able to use it abroad and they could unlock it for you, but I think they charge you something like £15. Not sure, so give them a call to find out exactly how much. If these two options don’t work, then there’s really nothing else you can do except pay the £45 or look for another shop or phone stall at your local market for someone who’ll unlock it for cheaper.

Linda asks…

Where can I get my Cingular phone unlocked?

Does anyone know where I can get my Cingular phone unlocked so I can use it on worldwide GSM network?

admin answers:

Call/email Cingular and ask them to give/email you the unlock code. I emailed customer service after my Cingular contract was up, and it worked for me.

Daniel asks…

What does it mean for your phone to be unlocked?

I am planning on buying the iPhone 5 when it comes out and using straight talk as my carrier. Online forums tell me I should have my phoneunlocked“ and that I should be able to buy the unlocked iPhone 1-4 months after the phone is first released.
What does an „unlockedphone mean?
How can I get my phone unlocked and is there any way for me to get it unlocked any quicker?

admin answers:

When you unlock a phone (or get one that is unlocked) it means that the phone would be able to work on any carrier such as t-mobile and at&t. And if you’re going somewhere outside the US and going to, let say for example, Germany. And If you want to call your folks back home you can purchase a Vodafone sim card and put it inside the phone, and it will be able to make calls. When the phone is NOT unlocked, you won’t be able to do that. If you want to unlock your phone, it will cost around $70. However, you will not be allowed to update your phone. So I suggest buying a factory unlocked iPhone 5. Factory unlocked means that apple unlocked the phones themselves so that you can buy sim cards from any other carrier and they will work + you will be able to update your phone.

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