Your Questions About Pokerus Black And White

William asks…

Pokemon Black/White: Anyone have a power Bracer? I’ll trade?

Well, I wasted my time getting 16 battle points in the battle subway only to accidentally buy a power anklet, which I already have. Without realizing this, I saved. So now I’m stuck with two power anklets and zero power bracers.

I’ll offer one of my power anklets for a power bracer. I’ll also throw in a pokerus infected litwik that’s still contagious. If you’re a lucario fan, I happen to have a riolu.

Friend Code 2752 0460 6018

admin answers:

Ill trade with u. Ill give u a luxray with the bracer and ill trade u for the pokerus litwik

friend code is 2236 6849 8901

Lisa asks…

pokemon black and white poke rus?

how do i get pokerus… i have a japenese garchomp that was traded to me but i want to spread the pokerus virus to my other pokemon can someone help on how to get it and how to spread it?

admin answers:

You can only get the Pokerus with very small chances after the every fight.

To spead the Pokerus, put the infected pokemon to your party, the
Pokemons at adjacent side of the infected Pokemon will get infected with the Pokerus
after the few fight. (you don’t need to use the infected Pokemon during battle)

The easiest way to get infected by Pokerus is trade the infected Pokemon from your friends who
already has.

If none of your friend have Pokerus, put the 6 Pokemons to your team and fight the
weak Pokemons at wild many times. But it will take time to get infected.

Paul asks…

Anyone have a pokemon with pokerus?

I really need one and it has to be active. Please message me if you do and we’ll trade for something.
Also has to be on Black&White.

admin answers:

I do. I’m looking for some of the Regi trio. Got any?

Daniel asks…

Is there anyone out there who can trade older generation pokemon to my copie of white?

Hey people im wondering if anyone who has beaten black or white who would be willing to trade some older gen pokemon to my copy of white.

im looking for a ralts and a ditto with pokerus.

Ive tried serebii and other forums but i cant find anyone so i thought id try here. Thanks!
Im still looking. If theres anyone there please help me out!!!

admin answers:

I don’t have pokerus, but I can give you ralts and ditto.

Sharon asks…

Trading certain starters for pokemon with Pokerus.?

On pokemon Black/White, I need a pokemon with Pokerus so I can EV train more eficiently.
I’m willing to trade you: Charmander, Squirlte, Tepig, Snivy, Oshowattt, Victinii, and Reshiram in exchange.
FC Ash 4727 7858 3582
Please include your FC & in game name in your answer 🙂

admin answers:

My friend code is 0475 7696 8294

I have a Pokemon White game and my name is Ryan

I have a wide variety of pokemon with Pokerus, does it matter which pokemon I give you?

I would like the Reshiram.

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