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Carol asks…

97 baseball teams participate in an annual state tournament. The champion is chosen for this tournament by the?

97 baseball teams participate in an annual state tournament. The champion is chosen for this tournament by the usual elimination scheme. That is, the 97 teams are divided into pairs, and the two teams of each pair play against each other. The loser of each pair is eliminated, and the remaining teams are paired up again, etc. How many games must be played to determine a champion?

admin answers:


with each game played, one team is eliminated…thus, 96 teams need to be eliminated.

96 games

just like in the NCAA tournament…there used to be 64 teams in and it took 63 games…they added another team to make it 65 teams and so now it takes 64 games.

David asks…

Do you think Yuvraj is extremely unlucky to miss two consecutive champions trophy in a row due to injury?
* congratulation to all Indians and ISRO, the Indian spacecraft to Moon „Chandryaan“ found water on moon. It also predicts the signs of life on Moon.

admin answers:


But anyways with Nayar back in the team, we shouldn’t be worried about anything…..

Nayar is a front foot aggressive player…..very much like Ganguly….

Linda asks…

How do get the Tournament Master Achievement in Mafia Wars?

I have earned the Tournament Novice title and Tournament Contender Title, and have vaulted the belts. How do I earn Tournament Champion Title? Do I just keep winning more world titles? i’ve won over 10. confused. thanks!

admin answers:

Get 10,000 fans.

John asks…

What is the point distribution of the bali tennis tournament?

the bali tournament of champions?

admin answers:

Wow – this is a great question!!!! It’s taken some digging to find out the answer.

The tourney is classed as an „International“ which makes a maximum of 280 points to the winner. With each round robin match (2 games) plus a semi & a final each match win will earn 70 points. Thus, if the winner wins all their games, they will receive 280 points.

Last weeks tourney in Doha was a higher ranking event (the top 8 WTA players) so points available were of a higher value at 160 points per win.

George asks…

who do you think will make it to this years mens ncca tournament final four and win?

my opinon is uconn,unc,tennessee and ucla my favorite team is uconn and i believe they have a pretty good chance at going far with there balance inside and out but i do believe unc will probably win this year wat do u guys think on the final four and ncaa tournament champion this year?

admin answers:

Ucla memphis north carolina tennessee

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