Your Questions About Does Any Phone Can Be Unlocked

Richard asks…

Which is a better way to have your phone locked or unlocked?

Which is a better way to have your phone? Unlocked or locked? Thanks a bunch!

admin answers:

Unlocked of course. Gives you the freedom to go to whichever carrier you choose.

@Alexis: I believe she was referring to the carrier lock not the phone’s security lock.

George asks…

Whats a good and cheap online phone unlocking site?

I need to find a online phone unlocking site to unlock my lg shine. it needs to be a site which isnt fraud as many of them are. Does anyone know any? please reply.

admin answers:

This seller on Ebay has a very positive feedback, with 100 percent money back guarantee.

Thomas asks…

How do i know if my mobile phone has been unlocked properly?


I’m a little new to this mobile phone unlocking system but i decided to have my samsung J700 which is pay as you go and locked to O2 unlocked today. About 10 minutes after the procedure i tried to put my monthly contract sim card inside which is with ‚3‘ but the phone kept saying ‚insert sim‘. Do i assume the unlocking procedure has not worked or does it take some time to activate?

admin answers:

Hi the problem you is even though the phone is unlocked not all phones will work on the „3“ & even if you did get the phone working on „3“ the problem you will have is getting the settings for it i.e the internet & mms etc as „3“ are very funny about giving the settings out the only solution that you have is to get a „3“ branded phone… Hope this helps

Laura asks…

How do I transfer and unlocked phone to my prepaid service plan?

My Mom is getting her phone unlocked, and she is going to give it to me. I currently have a straight talk prepaid phone and service. How would I go about switching these? My current phone does not have a SIM card, and the phone getting unlocked is an iPhone 4S. If you know anything that could help, please answer. Thank you so much.(:

admin answers:

If the phone you have does not have a simcard then you need to get a simcard from straight talk, that is the only way, but I recommend you try these guys, under tmobile, it’s prepaid no contract and can be free
Also, look me up on facebook if you have anyquestions

Mandy asks…

How does one go about having a Nokia 2116I phone unlocked?

Can I have the Nokia 2116I phone unlocked?

admin answers:

Call your phone service provider and talk to tech support and give them the model, and they will usually give you the codes to unlock the phone.

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