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John asks…

Power Supply Problem: Motherboard 4-pin connector?

I was using a power supply that came from my computer (BESTEC ATX300 12E, 300Watts.) I tried to upgrade it to a new one (ULTRA XFINITY 600WATT ATX POWER SUPPLY.)
The motherboard requires a 20-pin connector, but this one is a 20+4, so I took the 4 off the plug (they were removable).

The plug of the 4-pin connector that goes from the power supply to the motherboard was different than the old one. I still tried to connect it (because by forcing a little the plug can go in in any way): but the computer didn’t turn on. When I unplugged ONLY this 4-pin, the computer started not completely (ex. CPU was turned on, but screen wasn’t, etc..).

When I put the other power supply back on, everything worked fine.

Would anyone know the problem? Thanks
Sorry a little correction: on the first sentence it’s not that came FROM my computer ,but it’s that came WITH my computer
Details for Jeffrey C:

I found a 6-pin connector (12 V) that looked like

o o o
o o o

I have checked and checked there is NO other 4-pin connector.
And the wires don’t have colors (they’re all gray)
Any help? Thx

admin answers:

The small 4-way plug that was connected to the main power plug to the mobo shouldn’t be used if you had to remove it from the larger plug. There should be another 4-way plug that has a locking tab on it. It should lock into the recepticle. The plug you are trying to plug in doesn’t have a locking tab on it. The one you want should have yellow and black wires in it. Don’t force the plug into the recepticle… It won’t fit without breaking something. Look close at the power supply harness. There should be another 4-way connector.

Mandy asks…

Upgrading PSU please Help?

My computer is a HP has a Bestec atx 300 12z this a atx psu or micro board is micro atx so im not sure if im supposed to get a micro atx psu?i want to buy atx psu btw

admin answers:

Your old power supply is ATX, which means you should your new PSU should also be ATX.

Power supplies size has nothing to do with the size of your motherboard. It’s your case that matters.

Anyway, when choosing power supplies, make sure you get one from a reliable company like Antec or Seasonic as they are crucial to the stability of your computer.

Carol asks…

Will this psu work or not?

I currently have

and want

will this work out the size isnt that different and im getting it cheaper than that price

admin answers:

Both the PSU’s are ATX. So physically I don’t think there will be an issue.

I would recommend you to buy a Cooler Master or a Corsair PSU. They are 80+ certified and will run better.

PSU is like the backbone of your system. If it fails, it can make many more components go faulty. So in saving money for a cheap PSU, you might end up paying lots to get other parts like RAM and GPU repaired/replaced.

Go with this one:
It might cost you $20 extra but its worth it.

Sandra asks…

Video Card Advice?

I am in the process of buying a new video card, but I really don’t know enough to make an informed decision alone. Currently I have the set featured here:
HP Pavilion 6110N

I am looking for a video card that will last a couple of years (dx10?). I don’t really want to spend a lot of money (preferably $200-$300). I did do some research already and if I want one of the higher end cards, I would need to upgrade my power supply. I found this one here:

Right now I only play TF2/Source Games (on another computer w/ an aging GeForceFX 5700) but I wish to be able to comfortably play games like Bioshock or the upcoming COD 4, etc.

admin answers:

If you don’t want to waste money for a power supply then buy the nvidia 8600 GTS.

If you are willing then I would recommend this:

ATI X2900 Pro
Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS 320 MB version or 640MB version if you can.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad 750W –> 60Amps on one 12v rail.

Helen asks…

how to supply more power to my graphic card?

2.40 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
Board: ECS Nettle3 2.2
psu: BESTEC – ATX0180H5WA
4 gb ddr2 ram
239.54 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity

Its my pc spec and i would like to install this
HIS AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6870 IceQ X GPU 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
600w is recomented for this card….. my question is that is there any external power supply units or anything similar like that to make this card work on my pc….?

admin answers:

The more powerful graphics cards have an extra 6-pin or 8-pin connector for power.

Your PSU should have one of those connectors. Look for it!

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