Your Questions About Free Poker Websites

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know of any websites that have free online poker strategy videos? Like a pro doing hand by hand.?

admin answers:

If you have an account at Full Tilt you can access the Poker Videos in the Full Tilt Academy. These are free as far as I know. Check out some great poker articles here too:

Maria asks…

What are some websites where i can play Poker „Texas Hold-em“ for free using the PS3 internet?

If there are any other cool websites to go for games and/or other cool stuff with the ps3 internet that you know of please let me know „Thanks‘

admin answers:

As far as poker goes, you should check-out „High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition“ in the PlayStation store (when it is operational again). The game does cost $9.99, though, if I remember right, but there are online and offline modes as well as trophies. If you want to play poker on your PS3, High Stakes is your best option right now. I own it and it is pretty fun with an easy-to-use interface and solid poker artificial intelligence.

Lisa asks…

Free rolls on which poker sites?

Besides Full Tilt Poker, what are other poker websites that offer free rolls to the WSOP or for real cash?

admin answers:

Pokerstars would be the best. They have freerolls every 40 minutes where you can win a ticket to a $1,000 that take place on Saturday and Sunday. Also every day at 13:05 est you can win a ticket for a $50 tournament. They also have freerolls for other things too, like a seat in the World Series of Poker, win a seat in their new poker show The Big Game, and many other promotions.

John asks…

Does anyone know of any poker supplies websites that have a big selection that offer free dropshipping?

admin answers:

Considering how heavy most poker supplies are, I’d be surprised if you could get free shipping. I’ve gone to reputable eBay sellers in the past for supplies. Since it’s eBay you get a wide variety, and the shipping cost is offset by the prices. They’re much lower than you will get on most websites or gaming supply stores.

Joseph asks…

Best websites to watch high stake poker shows for free?

Apart from youtube, list.. thankyou!

admin answers:

Try here(is TV – not very good quality):

Hope this helps you.

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