Your Questions About Does Any Phone Works On Virgin Mobile

Thomas asks…

How does porting cell phone numbers work?

I just ported my cell phone number from virgin mobile to boost mobile over the phone. The operator said it would take at least 24 hours. He also said I have to call them back to make sure the operation went through correctly, and that I’ll know once my old phone stops working. Do I need to call them back or is it unnecessary? How will I know if this is done right?
Can you turn your phone on during this process?

admin answers:

If your old phone stops working and your new phone starts working, you don’t need to call. Some companies, you have to setup the voicmail first (on the new phone). You can also try calling your number from another phone and see what phone rings.

Ruth asks…

How do you register a Cingular Go Phone?

I’ve never used a prepaid phone before but I was wondering, how do you register or get a Go Phone working? Can you just buy it, pay for some minutes, and your done? or what?

Do you have to sign any papers or anything or register it online? And do you just buy cards for it like a Virgin Mobile Top Up card to get minutes?

It doesn’t matter what carrier it’s from, but I’m going to need a phone that I can just buy, get going, and start using it. I already have a cell phone but it’s on a family plan so I don’t know how to use prepaids. I need to know about them because my friend’s planning a small trip (in the same state) and is going to need a cheap phone, but doesn’t want to sign crap and all that stuff.

admin answers:

You buy the phone at the store, and the phone is activated.
You can then buy calling cards to add airtime, or if you have a CC or checking account, you can have a regular plan that is prepaid the month in advanced.

John asks…

How Do I Get My Virgin Mobile Phone To Work?

I ordered my virgin mobile phone and i got it in the mail today. I already followed the steps to activate it. But do i have to add money to my account? I Just did but how do i get it to let me text and call someone? Please Help!

admin answers:

If you just only paid for the virgin mobile phone but not pay for the sim card, you need to buy a sim card and put it into your virgin mobile phone, then you can text and call someone successfully.

Steven asks…

Would a virgin mobile cell phone work outside of the US?

This december i’m gonna be in Mexico and I was wondering if my virgin mobile phone would work over there? Its a prepaid phone by the way, Its 20cents per minute and i have unlimited u guys think it would work while i’m there? or is there any way i can make it work there? thanks
oh and can u text message as well?

admin answers:

NO, it will not work outside of the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

I’ve been able to use my own Virgin Mobile phone not far over the border (about a mile into Tijuana), but it won’t go beyond that.

The U.S. Virgin Mobile service does not provide coverage outside of the U.S. (and its territories named above).

Sandy asks…

How Do I „Un-Bar“ My Phone on Virgin Mobile?

I’m on Virgin Mobile, and whenever I try to phone someone it comes up with a message saying „calls to this number are barred from your phone„. I have tried to phone a few of my friends and the same message comes up. One of my friends is on the exact same contract as me and my other friend is on O2. The only number I can call is the Virgin Mobile Number (789) which is now not working. I don’t know why! If anyone has a solution to this problem can you help, I need my phone working again!!!!

Extra Info: I am probably going to go to my local Virgin Mobile store and see if I can fix the problem. However, that’s not until Sat 8th or Sun 9th 2012…


admin answers:

If it is a contract then it normally means your bill hasn’t been paid or if you have a limit on the contract that might have been reached. If you are on PAYG then I have no idea.

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