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Ken asks…

The left side suspension looks lower than the right side on my honda del sol?

I bought a 95 honda del sol and took it for alignment, but didn’t pass. The left side front and rear tires are a little lower than the right side. I eye balled the springs and they look about the same. What could cause this? Please help?

admin answers:

Do you have the readings from the alignment test? If you have the caster, camber and toe readings from the print-out it would be beneficial as they can tell you if the condition is correctable.

The first thing to do is to park the car on flat ground and measure the ride height to see if there truely is a side-to-side difference. Use a ruler to measure the height about 12″ behind the front wheels and 12″ in front of the rear wheels. The front measurements should be about the same as should the rear measurements. The chances are that there isn’t a ride height issue and that the issue is just to correct the alignment.

A bad spring would cause one corner to be lower (or higher). I assume that whoever checked the alignment adjusted the tire pressure. A defective shock would only affect the corner that it is on. Low tire pressure would affect two wheels on the same side of the car but that would be about the only thing that would cause the front and rear of the left side to be lower than the right side. I also have to assume you have matching tires and wheels on the car.

My guess is you’re just looking at doing a front and rear alignment and that you don’t have a side-to-side ride height problem.

Hope that helps

Joseph asks…

How long does NYCERS take to pay out to a beneficiary?

A family member that passed left me as their beneficiary and I was wondering how long the process was…. Thanks

admin answers:

How long does it take to process benefits?
The time it takes to process a claim largely depends on how soon all of the verification procedures are completed by NYCERS and how soon the required forms are properly completed by the beneficiary(ies) and filed with NYCERS. In the case of the death of an active member (a NYCERS
member who died while still employed in City service), a letter notifying all Designated Beneficiary(ies) of the benefit amount will be mailed no later than 75 days after NYCERS receives the certified Death Certificate. Payment of a benefit is then generally made within 45 days of NYCERS’ receipt of the completed claim form. In the case of the death of a NYCERS retiree, the process generally takes 90 days. The 90 days is from the point of sending an acknowledgement letter to the beneficiary, and receiving the death certificate and claim form, to paying the benefit to the beneficiary and/or survivor in the case of a benefit payable under an option selection.

You should download this information from NYCERS about processing death benefits:

Lisa asks…

I want to buy US Open Tennis tickets for labor day weekend. Any suggestions best place to buy tickets?

ticketmaster doesn’t have any grounds passes left. I don’t want to pay a fortune. Can one purchase them at the site on the day one wants to attend the event?

admin answers:

I’am sure willie the scalper would love your business but I would say if you want to attend the slams you best prepare now for 2008. Otherwise you’ll pay too much// If you can find any at all,, good luck.. There is always TV

Robert asks…

How do you get The Passing for Left For Dead 2 xbox 360?

I’m wondering how you get the passing for left for dead 2 for the xbox. I don’t have xbox live. Do you need it? Please help!

admin answers:

Yes, it came part of the last DLC level that they offered.

Can’t remember the name.

James asks…

Is there a limited amount of flash passes for Sixflags?

I’m going to six flags soon with my family and we wanted to know if we get there around 11:30 am will there still be flash passes left?

admin answers:

Dont worry about it. Unless its a hot as hell saturday in the middle of summer… No worries. Yeah theres a limited number but with people heading back to school around now and things cooling down you have no worries. And 11:30 isnt that long after the park opens so you’ll be fine. And if your really that worried, you can buy a flashpass voucher online which will reserve you one for the day your going

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